When you have a website of your company or brand, you ought to have adequate content in it. As you all know by now that to run a website, content is king. To write creative and engaging content, you can consult with any SEO company, who can offer you a reliable and transparent service.

When you are creating content for your website, you need to focus more on your customers. Uploading irrelevant content is of no use as none of the customers will read it, and your efforts will all go in vain. Want to know the relation between SEO and user-generated content? Here it is.

Relation between SEO and user-generated content

Generally speaking, user-generated content is the content that is created and shared on your website. In short, the customers talk about your products or services on various digital media platforms. This content can range from blogs, articles, product or service reviews, questions and answers, feedback and the like.

There are millions and millions of searches conducted on Google every day. These searches are nothing but what the user is looking for daily. Since Google is aware of each individual’s searches each day, Google uses its algorithm to evolve and provide better-searched items to the users. To enhance the performance of your brand, Google suggests that the content in a website should have the following qualities:

  • Should be informational and valuable to the readers 
  • Should be able to surpass the competitors
  • Should be of a high-quality and avoid keyword stuffing
  • Should be 100% authentic
  • Should be interesting, engaging and have a conversational tone

Reasons to put up user-generated content 

Below are some reasons as put up by the digital marketing company in India, which will give you valid reasons for creating user-generated content.

  • Unique, relevant and fresh content

To engage your users the most, you have to create content that excites them and is fresh. Users do not like anything stale. They are always looking for something new. However, constantly creating authentic content is a hectic task and requires a lot of time to be invested.

  • Opens up doors for long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are the phrases that the customers or users type when looking for some information. The user-generated contents have a lot of long-tail keywords as users prefer writing in the communicative language. This helps you to target the right keywords and gather more traffic.

  • Authentic and reliable content

As has already been mentioned earlier, Google likes original content. Also, this can improve your SEO rankings as well. Adding user-generated content can act as social proof from the customers about your credibility and authenticity. SEO looks at the user-generated content as authentic reviews and testimonials. In short, this adds authenticity to your website.

  • Enhances user interaction and engagement

Adding user-generated content means you have to engage with your customers. This enables a healthy user-brand relationship. As a result, you can understand the benefits of demands of the customers. Further, this reduces the ROI bounce rate. Besides, brands connecting and interacting with their users means they value their customers.

  • Augmented social media reach

If you ask any digital marketer whether social media adds any value to SEO or not, he will indeed say yes. When you share user-generated content on various social media platforms, you increase your brand’s reach, build trust, gain credibility and enhance user management.


Therefore, if you have to increase brand awareness and take your brand or business to another level, start uploading user-generated content to your website. If possible, try to promote the content via ppc marketing, this will double the effect. Good content with heavy viewership will definitely help in SEO.