Whenever people think about renovating their homes, they always picture the repairs starting with the ones that need large attention. Things such as roof repair, foundation repairs, wall restructuring, and the facade refurbishment. Most of the time, homeowners overlook an important aspect of their home and that is the floor.

See, just because the floor does not seem to be needing grave repairs, does not mean it cannot be cleaned. This can be said especially with homes that are tiled. Tiles are a wonderful and wise choice of flooring, it does last, and it is low maintenance compared to its wooden counterpart. Perhaps this is the reason why people think that tile grout cleaners are not part of home renovation when it should be.

In this article, we would tell you why you need to hire grout cleaners in Singapore during a home renovation:

Tile flooring

Let us talk about this type of flooring first. Tiles are shiny, concrete, and elegant. They are one of the most common flooring choices because, as aforementioned, they are very durable. They can even be resistant to dust, allergens, and even from shattering. Depending on the material and build of your tiles.

There are many types of tiles. They vary from material, size, texture, and function. Tiles can be used not only in the foyer and bathrooms but also, bedrooms and kitchens. The strength that tiles have come from heated and produced clays. Yes, the same thing that they use for pots. Porcelain tiles have a denser and shinier appearance than ceramic, but the latter seems to hold the title for its endurance.


What all tiles have in common is grout. Yes, there are different types of grout. From cement-based to acrylic grouts in Singapore, but it is the force that holds tiles together. Tiles are like bricks. They have to have something that would hold them together in place. In this case, that is grout. It is a cement-like substance that fills the gap between tiles. The grout also allows the tiles to adjust and contract. How you may ask? It is due to natural occurrences, such as the weather and the temperature. Lastly, grout protects your tiles from chipping its edges off.

From the foyer, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, wherever there are tiles. There is grout. Mostly, overlooked and unnoticed but when it ages. People start noticing. Grouts are typically white, just like a pure cement mixture. However, after quite some time with lots of natural dirt, the grout tends to acquire grime and bacteria, losing its natural white colour. 

It is when people start to think that they simply need to mop and scrub more. Here is where they are wrong. What they need is a tile grout cleaning service. See, the more you scrub and scrape, the lesser grout your tile flooring would have. This would, later on, lead to gaps and chips and well, moulds, and then pests infestation.

Why does your tile grout need to be cleaned?

The sneak peek of the consequences may seem so far-fetched and advanced, but did you know that when even a small portion of moisture enters your tile grout, bacteria thrive on the said moisture and it can cause harm to your family, especially the kids.

Mildew and mould growth is one of the first few risks you may encounter. Exposure to both can lead to serious health issues such as asthma and other lung issues.

Tile grout cleaners can fix this problem for you. Experts would seal your grout by cleaning and then adding a new layer of protective grout. Say goodbye to possible health risks and say hello to a brand new looking tile flooring.

When you hire a grout cleaner in Singapore, it would also give you benefits such as water-resistant grout, consistent texture, and moisture absorption. Grout cleaners would use grout with an antifungal substance that would trap the mould-causing moisture, and you would rest assured that this time, your grout would last longer than your first. When you choose to get your grout cleaned and sealed, you are already protecting your tile flooring investment, as it is guaranteed to last.

So, if you are someone who thinks that you can simply use a toothbrush and bleach to clean your grout and rid your house of any possible mildew and mould growth, let us remind you that there are tile grout cleaning experts for a reason. That very reason is also for your convenience and safety.


People tend to overlook their tile flooring and their grout simply because it doesn’t look like it needs cleaning. Wrong. So, while you are too focused on cleaning your walls and preventing moulds in developing underneath your sink, you did not know that moulds are already beneath your very feet.

Understandably, other aspects of your house need more attention and money, but you would only end up in spending more with your tile flooring if you continue disregarding your tile grout maintenance.

A tile grout cleaner expert would not only clean the grout of your tile flooring. You would also be guaranteed that it is good as new and is safer than ever before for you and your family. Freeing you from more scraping and scrubbing and mildews for many more years to come.

Are you going through a home renovation? Well, don’t neglect your tile flooring. If you are looking for a marble gum grout, visit our website, and let our experts help you today.