Do you want to set up an arcade business or event? Arcades are a fun way for both children and adults to have fun and create memories with each other. However, with such a variety of machines available, it can be challenging to figure out which ones you need most, especially if you lack space. Here is a quick guide on the best arcade machines for sale in Singapore and how to operate them, so you can ensure your arcade is a hit.

1. Basketball Machine

In an arcade, the basketball machine is one of the first you see when you walk in, especially if there are multiple machines to let people compete with each other. Players have a couple of minutes to shoot as many mini basketballs in the basket as they can, and their prize is determined based on how many points they get by the end of the game. You can even connect several machines and turn it into a multiplayer game, where the person with the highest score wins.

2. Capsule Machine & Claw Machine

Many people associate arcades with these machines. You can insert a coin into a capsule machine in Singapore and turn the knob to get a random prize. The toys found in capsule machines often become collectables, so many people are willing to spend lots of money on one to collect as many kinds as possible. Alternatively, they can test their timing and hand-eye coordination on a claw machine.

3. Pinball Machine

A pinball machine from Singapore is a classic seen in arcades decades ago. In a pinball game, you only have one objective: don’t let the ball enter your goal. While it is undoubtedly one of the older machine options, you can entice customers by getting machines of different designs. A Star Wars pinball machine would certainly intrigue many fans, for example.

4. Rhythm Game Machines

No arcade is complete without a rhythm game! It’s always fun and exciting to watch someone do complicated steps and movements to a challenging level of a rhythm game, all with a catchy song to back it up. You can buy Dance Dance Revolution and other rhythm arcade machines for sale in Singapore.

5. Fighting Game Machines

Friendly competition is a great way to make friends and family bond with each other. Encourage this by buying fighting arcade machines for sale in Singapore. These usually have two units in one machine, so players can sit next to each other as they compete against each other. It’s also one of the more profitable machines, as many players can get sucked into the competition and want to play more rounds with each other.
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