The filing of a bankruptcy petition is not the only option available for regaining financial stability; you can also seek assistance from a debit or credit counselling service to help you manage your debt. A debt consultant can assist you in paying off your debt while avoiding the negative consequences of bankruptcy, which might affect your ability to obtain new credit (or qualify for reasonable interest rates) for several years after filing. In this section, we’ll go over debt counselling and help you assess if it’s a viable option for getting out of debt for you and your family.

What Is Debt Consultancy and How Does It Work?

Debt consultancy, also known as “credit counselling,” is provided by certified counsellors who can assist you in creating a budget, reviewing your credit report and scores, and even creating a debt management plan to pay off your debts over time. They can also help you establish a credit score and report.

Debt consultants, also known as credit counsellors, are professionals that assist persons who are having financial difficulties. Non-profit credit counselling organisations, government agencies, and private practices are all common places for them to work. A debt consultant examines their clients’ financial situations, assist them in creating family budgets, negotiate with creditors, and, in many cases, put up payment plans to assist them in getting out of debt. They often have a background in banking or finance and have obtained specialised industry qualifications before starting their careers.

What Is Debt Management?

Debt management is the process of handling your debt through a third-party negotiator (usually called adebt consultant). This person or company works with your lenders to negotiate lower interest rates and combine all your debt payments into one shiny new monthly payment. Typically, these programs are structured to last roughly three to five years to pay off your debt.

When Should You Consult a Debt Consultant?

Whether or not you’re currently overdue on your debt payments, credit counselling may be a good option if you’re having problems paying your debt payments. Even if you decide not to enrol in a debt management plan, a debt consultant can assist you in developing a budget and providing advice on how to deal with your debt. Here are a few extra considerations to consider when determining whether or not credit counselling is good for you.


Do You Require Professional Assistance?

A debt consultancy session will offer you advice on how to manage your finances and debt beyond your initial appointment. In as little as an hour, you may be able to walk away with a better understanding of your options.

Do you owe a lot of money on unsecured debt?

The use of a debt management plan might assist you in repaying unsecured debts such as credit card obligations. If you require assistance in negotiating a reduced payment on secured obligations, such as a mortgage or a loan consolidation in Singapore, counselling may not be the best option for your situation.

Are you in arrears with your payments?

It may be possible to make your accounts current again through the use of a professional debt consultancy organisation, rather than having to pay the entire past-due total in one big sum.

Bringing your accounts up to date will help you avoid receiving calls from your creditors and may even boost your credit score overall.

If the collection agency agrees to engage in the debt management plan, debt consultancy can only be beneficial in the case of collection accounts, which is not always the case.

Is it important to you to have loan consolidation in Singapore

Involving yourself in a debt management plan enables you to cease making individual payments to each of your creditors and instead make a single payment to a credit counselling organisation, which will subsequently distribute the funds to your creditors. You may also be able to take advantage of a cheaper monthly payment, which will allow you to have more flexibility in your monthly budget.

What Debt Consultancy Is and How It Works

When you use credit counselling services, you are matched with a debt consultant who can help you develop a specific action plan to solve your financial difficulties and achieve your financial objectives. After consulting with a debt consultant, you may decide to have a credit counsellor assist you in establishing a payment agreement with your creditors as part of a debt management plan (DMP). You must make a single lump-sum payment to the debt counselling organisation, which will then make payments to your creditors on your behalf.

If you work with a debt consultant, they may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate for you, as well as cut or eliminate your financing costs.

A debt management plan, while it may appear on your credit record, should not have a negative influence on your credit score. Although you may be required to terminate credit accounts as part of your DMP, your credit usage ratio may be negatively affected. A higher credit utilisation ratio may have a negative impact on your credit score. Having said that, once you have restored good standing to your accounts and have continued to make on-time payments, your credit score may begin to increase.


Debt consultancy can offer you the expert help you need to manage your debt without having to file for bankruptcy. People who are overwhelmed by the amount or size of their debts will find it particularly beneficial. If you decide to use a credit counselling service, make sure to choose a respected debt consultant who will be able to assist you in improving your financial condition.

Aside from using a debt consultancy service, there are numerous alternatives to explore, ranging from financial advisors to do-it-yourself financial management. The best debt management approach for you is one that takes into account your financial situation as well as your readiness to accept assistance from others.

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