When it is summer, people crave the cold and flavourful ice cream. Whether you prefer it served in a stick or in a bowl where you can build a towering layer of your favourite flavours, it will always be a relief during the warm and humid days. Hence, in summer, it is not rare to see plenty of ice cream stands in the marketplace or the mall with long lines of people with sparkling eyes of anticipation. They could not wait to watch the soft-serve ice cream machines to dispense the frozen dairy dessert in an edible cone. However, this year, you wouldn’t get to see those bright faces of children and adults patiently waiting to get a hold of their favourite dessert. Suddenly, summertime became uneventful in what should have been the peak of its popularity and sales. Ever since the world almost came to a halt during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, ice cream parlours have had a hard time adjusting to the new mindset of their customers. However, business owners often forget that there is always a way to reach your target market.

It is a year of challenges for many industries in Singapore. Even big brands have had a hard time coping with the times. However, it didn’t stop smaller brands to adapt and even start their business during this pandemic. The key to a successful business is the ability to adapt. When you know how to keep up with the tides of the industry, then you’ll have more growth opportunities coming your way.

What you will find in this article are factors that you should consider when you plan to start a business using a soft-serve machine in Singapore. Also, you must be ready to commit to the maintenance of it with the tips and tricks of cleaning you will find at the end of the article!

Choosing a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Getting the right machine for an ice cream business is a daunting task. There are plenty of things to think about since every dollar that you spend on your machine should return to you at a higher value. 

You would see a vast selection of soft-serve machines, but what features of it should you look for? Here are some considerations you would want to think about first:

  • Machine output

One of the most essential factors that a first-time buyer should consider in the soft-serve ice cream machine is the application of the machine. It includes knowing the appropriate volume capacity because it would dictate the options that are available for the size, style, number of hoppers, and special features. You must remember that volume capacities will be measured in either:

  1. Gallons per hour
  2. Servings per hour
  3. Servings per minute 

Thus, it’s important to know how many customers you expect to serve to know the machine that is suitable for your output needs.

  • Production styles

Classifying soft serve machines involves the production style. It is the term used to know how your machine freezes and dispenses the ice cream. Since you already know how much output you expect to produce, you must match your choice of production style with it.

  • Batch production (low volume)

Choosing this style, you must be committed to its limited production capacity and patiently refill it between each batch. There are 45 to 60 minutes of freezing time if you choose this, and it is why you wouldn’t see commercial spaces use this. However, it is a great machine when you want simple operations considering it will fit in your small budget!

  • Continuous production (any volume)

Most establishments prefer this type of machine since they can continuously produce frozen products, such as ice cream. You could also dispense large amounts of soft serve to accommodate any size of an ice cream shop or restaurant that you want to establish! 

  • Water-cooled and air-cooled

Ever wonder how the hot exterior of an ice cream machine can keep a cool interior? Well, this is an aspect that you must know too. To understand how your machine keeps itself cool, you must know the difference between water-cooled machines and air-cooled machines.

  • Air-cooled

When you want a cheap and simple machine, this is what you should get since it only requires a power connection and ample wall distance from where it is placed. These units perform better in cool, air-conditioned environments, and tend to be less effective than water-cooled machines.

  • Water-cooled

It’s a machine that functions by cooling the refrigeration components with water instead of air. These types of machines operate quietly no matter the temperature of the environment surrounding them. Its main requirement, however, is its need to have a water line connection to fully operate. Thus, you need to place them where water is available.

The process of choosing a reliable machine is a process that needs a lot of your patience. It would be the same if you buy other expensive machines or equipment, such as a commercial oven, deep frying machine, among others.

Tips to Maintain your Soft Serve Machine

Every equipment has its limited lifespan, but it doesn’t mean that you neglect to maintain its condition because you could throw it out after 5 to 10 years. Cleaning and maintaining is still part of the responsibility of buying a soft-serve machine. Allow these tips to help you out.

  • Run water through your machine to ensure there is no blockage
  • Detach parts to clean each part
  • Soak and scrub the parts with a sponge or a gentle brush
  • Dry the washed parts with a clean cloth
  • Schedule cleaning three times a week

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