People love cake. No matter what the day is, whether there is something to celebrate or not, the cake is there. You can eat it any time of the day, and still enjoy it if there is a special occasion. Food lovers always say that cake completes an event, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

However, some people are limited in eating sweets, including those who are on a keto diet and diabetic. To learn more about cakes for them, these are the things that you need to know about keto cakes.


We know cakes as sweet, indulging, and attractive. However, does it differ from keto cakes in Singapore? The answer is yes. But, only on the taste and ingredients part because keto cakes replace some regular cake ingredients to make it healthier for people who are strict on their health.

These are the steps on how to make keto cakes:


People are familiar with the ingredients of a cake – eggs, flour, and sugar. However, these ingredients are a strict no to people who are doing the keto diet. Also, to people who have diabetes. With this, you need to pick the right ingredients in making keto cakes.

The idea of keto baking is to create desserts using low-carbohydrate ingredients. But since sugar is high in carbohydrates, keto cakes do not have sugar. When it comes to flour, it uses cereal flour. Eggs are okay as long as you will not include the egg whites.


Once your ingredients are correct and complete, mix it all depending on what type of cake you like. Just like making a cake, you need to weigh the ingredients of keto cakes first before mixing them.


After you mix all the ingredients, set your oven to the right temperature and wait. The temperature of the oven plays a role in baking because it is where the result will show. Do you want to see your keto cakes burnt? Or do you want to taste the bitterness on it? No, right? So, you need to ensure that the temperature is at the right time.


Once you hear your alarm, remove the keto cakes from the oven and put them in a pan. Wait for it to cool down for at least 20 minutes, depending on what type of cake or how big the cake is.


After the wait, put in the frosting, toppings, and other decorations that you want for your keto cakes. Make it beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Once done, you may enjoy your healthy keto cakes.

Keto cake is also a diabetic friendly cake because of the ingredients used in making them. If you have diabetes, you could look for keto cakes in Singapore.



If you are looking for a diabetic cake in Singapore, you are in love with these five things about them. These are what makes cakes unique on any occasion and make them stand out among other desserts.


Even if you buy a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore, your cake choices are not limited to one flavour. Like a regular cake, keto cakes also have various flavours that could match your cravings or the theme of your event.

Here are some diabetic cake flavours you could buy:

  • All Chocolate
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Chocolate Cheesecake

There are more flavours to choose from, and these are only some of them.


Aside from the flavour, people also look for the texture because it will be your basis if the diabetic friendly cake was perfectly baked. The spongy, fluffy, and moist feeling on the mouth will make you judge it.


Even though it has a taste difference from a regular cake, the taste of the diabetic cake will match the texture, making it more perfect. Out of all features, the taste is the most essential, providing happiness in every bite.


Bakers nowadays have different twists when it comes to cakes. Aside from the layer cakes, round cakes, and square cakes people buy, they also have character cakes, making the dessert appealing and catchy.

The same thing goes with a diabetic friendly cake. There are different forms and colours that you can see that attract you to buy and taste them.

If you love cakes, you approve of the things mentioned. Many will also agree that these features are what make cakes extraordinary.


There are things that you can make for your keto cakes. All you need to do is look for a diabetic cake shop that will do it. Here are the things that you can do with the cake that you will buy:



Personalisation commonly applies to the design and its features like the toppings, colours, and shape. But if you want a sugar free cake in Singapore, you can tell the shop, and they could do it for you.

If you could buy keto cakes where you could put a message, you can have it. Just tell the shop what you want to write in it.


Many keto cakes could match your event. You could buy a cake for your birthday or anniversary celebration. There are also keto desserts that you could buy, like cupcakes and muffins.


You can ask the diabetic cake shop to change the colour of your keto cakes. You could match it with your favourite colour or any colour that the recipient likes. This idea applies to birthday cakes.

But if you will celebrate anniversaries, you could have your diabetic friendly cake in red as a show of romance and love between the couple.


You can have add-ons depending on your event. You can partner your keto cakes with a simple candle, number candle, character candles, or crisps.

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