Diabetes has taken millions of lives annually due to people’s unhealthy diet, accessibility to fast food, shameless promotion of sugary beverages, and lack of awareness on the health risks of high sugar consumption.

In fact, diabetes was directly attributed to an estimated 1.5 million deaths globally in 2019, according to the World Health Organization.

According to the study done by the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, the projection for people with diabetes in Singapore may reach 1,000,000 by 2050.

Many chronic diseases and conditions are linked to diabetes, including heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, lower limb amputation, blindness, and kidney failure.

A healthy diet is one of the keys to prevent the progression of diabetes. Awareness campaigns, healthy lifestyle, and accessibility todiabetic-friendly cake desserts in Singapore also contribute to lowering the risks of diabetes among adults today.

Meanwhile, people with diabetes need self-control to slow down the progression of diabetes. Here are the foods to avoid and perfect alternatives in the diabetic diet.

Food Groups That Need To Be Limited To The Diabetic Diet

Diabetic people cannot scrap some food categories entirely from their diet. After all, the body still needs the nutrients these foods provide. The key is limited consumption of the food or alternative sources of these nutrients.

Alternative sources have been used to make diabetic-friendly and keto cakes in Singapore to help people satisfy their cravings without spiking their blood sugar levels.

Here are the food groups that should be limited to a diabetic diet.

Carbohydrate-rich food

Carbohydrates are the energy source of the body. Carbohydrates produce glucose once they are broken down in the body. Glucose provides energy to the brain and muscles. One gram of carbohydrate is equivalent to four calories.

The three primary types of carbohydrates are sugar, starch, and dietary fibre. Carbohydrates are found in bread and pastries, rice, potatoes, corn, noodles and pasta, and soft drinks.

A lot of Singaporean cuisines are composed of ingredients rich in carbohydrates. However, there arediabetic-friendly desserts like cake in Singapore that use a healthier source of carbohydrates.

Too much consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods can be harmful to people with diabetes. Once the body digests and breaks down carbohydrates, it turns into sugar, causing the blood sugar to spike. The body releases insulin to absorb the excess blood sugar and store it for energy reserve. When the absorption happens, the blood sugar level drops, forcing the body to release its stored sugar to balance the glucose level.

Over time, the body may fail to produce enough insulin and use it properly to balance the glucose level in the body. It leads to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. The insulin production in the body starts to slow down, and the cells will stop reacting to insulin.

Limiting carbohydrates intake and consuming dessert that uses healthier alternative sugars like those you can buy in a diabetic cake shop in Singapore help control the glucose level in the blood.

Salty food


Salt is the most significant ingredient in every single dish in the world. In fact, every household has salt in its kitchen. Salt makes the dish taste and capture flavours; it is also used for the fermentation of several foods as it prevents bacterial growth.

The body benefits from salt or sodium chloride as well. It is responsible for the body’s nerve impulses function, balances the water and minerals in the body, and helps relax the muscles.

Salt is found in our everyday dishes, from your home-cooked meal to your favourite restaurant food. Cheese is significantly high in sodium. Canned goods, processed meat like ham and jerkies use salt for curing, sauces and dip, bread rolls, and junk food and chips that use added salt for flavouring.

High consumption of salt has been linked to many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular illnesses, kidney problems, and bone deterioration.

A diabetic diet includes limited use of salt for everyday meals and desserts like diabetic cake in Singapore.

Red and processed meat

Processed meat is probably one of the most affordable and accessible types of meat on the market. Processed meat has been a part of our daily diet as well. Because it is affordable, tasty, and easy to prepare, processed meat has become a common must buy food on our grocery list. Many fast-food restaurants also use and serve processed meat on their menu.

Processed meat includes bacon, sausages, hotdogs, ham, and luncheon meat. These meats are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc.

On the other hand, red meat like beef and lamb are rich in protein, vitamin B3, B4, and B6.

However, high consumption of red meat and processed meat has been attributed to higher risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Many people have leaned on cleaner protein sources like white meat and organic meat. They also switched to alternative desserts like keto cakes in Singapore.

Food with added sugar

Sugar is also one of the most vital ingredients in dishes. Sugar is responsible for providing energy in the body, especially to the brain and muscles. Aside from immediate fuel, sugar also helps store energy for later use.

There are four sugars that are commonly found in everyday food. Sugar cane produces sugar called sucrose or table sugar. Fruits and vegetables have sugars called glucose and fructose. Milk and other dairy products create sugar called lactose, while beer is rich in maltose.

Generally, sugar is good for the body; however, added sugar in the food and beverages we consume is harmful. Sugary beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks, artificial fruit juices spike blood sugar levels. Dessert such as chocolate bars, pudding, candies, and syrups also drive up the glucose level in the body.

Cutting down on food that uses added sugar helps maintain the blood sugar level. Alternatives for generic desserts like keto cakes are available in a diabetic cake shop in Singapore.


Alcohol is rich in sugar called maltose which is commonly found in beers. Alcohol also increases the appetite, driving people to eat an excessive amount of unhealthy food. Aside from these impacts, alcohol has a high calories level, and it interferes and messes with the effects of insulin in the body.

Excessive consumption of alcohol over time may lead to chronic liver diseases and cardiovascular illnesses.

Added sugar can also be found in alcohol. Flavoured beers, cocktails, mixed liquor, and sweet wines are rich in added sugar.

Alcohol is one of the culprits of obesity. Obesity increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Limitation or abstaining from alcohol help maintain balanced sugar levels. Healthier alternatives can be a good pair for the diabetic-friendly cake in Singapore.

Healthier Alternatives To Restricted Food In A Diabetic Diet


Low Carbohydrates Food

Generally, carbohydrates are healthy for the body. It gives your energy for your daily activities. However, once you have developed Type 2 diabetes and switched to healthier alternatives for guilty pleasures like keto cakes in adiabetic cake shop in Singapore, you also need to find a cleaner source of essential nutrients.

Beans are a good source of carbohydrates and fibre. Since most Singapore dishes are composed of rice, noodles, and pasta, brown rice, barley, and other whole-wheat grains like quinoa are a perfect alternative. Whole-wheat pasta is also an available alternative to regular pasta in Singapore.

Whole-grain bread is also a healthier alternative to your regular bread rolls. A diabetic cake in Singapore uses flour made of whole grains for lower carb consumption.

Low sodium food and snacks

One of the helpful tips for reducing sodium consumption is to limit the use of salt on home-cooked meals. As much as possible, restrain from eating in fast-food restaurants and street foods.

Ideally, a person should only consume one teaspoon of salt each day. Preparing your own food helps you control your sodium intake.

Chips and junk foods are primary suspects for excess consumption of salt. Similar to sweet desserts, it is hard to let go of these snacks. However, if keto cakes in Singapore are the perfect alternative for chocolate mousse cakes, you can also munch these guilt-free alternative snacks.

Almonds are a good substitute for popcorns while binge-watching Netflix. Almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese and magnesium. It also controls cholesterol levels in the blood.

Roasted chickpeas are good snacks as well. Roasted chickpeas help lower blood sugar levels.

Munch these guilt-free snacks like how you eat slices of diabetic-friendly cake in Singapore.

Alternative protein source

Although red meat and processed meat are good sources of protein, there are many healthier substitutes that are also rich in protein.

If you can’t entirely cut down meat on your diet, you can switch to a leaner meat like chicken breast and fish. Eggs are rich in protein as well.

Vegans and vegetarians use tofu as meat alternatives. If prepared and cooked well, tofu can mimic the taste of meat as well.

Legumes like chickpeas and beans are high in protein. Almonds and peanuts are good protein sources as well.

Keto pastries in a diabetic cake shop in Singapore that use almond and whole-grain flour are rich in protein, too!

Natural Sugar

Scrapping your favourite soft drinks or energy drinks from your diet is the availability of natural sugar. You can replace your soft drink with all-natural fruit juice and smoothies.

Making your own all-natural fruit juice and smoothies ensure there are no added sugar and artificial sweeteners unless you decide to put some table sugar. Fruits and vegetables naturally have their own sugars already.

Other alternative natural sweeteners include honey, nectar, maple syrup, and molasses.

Diabetic-friendly desserts like cake in Singapore use natural sweeteners like stevia and honey. Because of these all-natural sweeteners, you can still enjoy dessert without spiking your sugar level too much.

Drink Moderately

The best alternative for alcoholic beverages is eliminating them from your diet. It can be difficult for most people; however, drink moderation is a good baby step.

Women with Type 2 diabetes should only consume one glass of alcoholic beverage per day, while men are limited to two. As much as possible, avoid flavoured beer and club cocktails. Low calorie and light beers can be a substitute as well.

Red and white wines have a more positive effect on the body than beer; however, moderate drinking is still required.

Natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, and maple syrup can be used for cocktails.

How To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings


It is hard to resist sweet cravings; however, people with Type 2 diabetes should be cautious about their sugar consumption.

Here are the helpful tips on how to enjoy keto cakes in Singapore without skyrocketing your blood sugar levels:

Allow cheat days and treats


Sugar deprivation may lead to more intense and irresistible cravings. Allow yourself some occasional sweet treats. It doesn’t have to be an entire chocolate cake. A small bar of chocolate or diabetic-friendly cake in Singapore is enough.

Eat fruits

Most of the time, fruits are enough to satisfy our sweet cravings. Try frozen munching bananas, cranberries, and lemon. Frozen fruits make you eat slowly, tricking your cravings.

Diabetic-friendly cake shop

Some cake and pastry shops make diabetic-friendly cake in Singapore, perfect for satisfying dessert cravings. Search for healthier dessert options in Singapore.

Choose alternative ingredients

You can make your own pancake with healthier alternatives like whole wheat flour, honey, and fruits.

Eat smaller portions of your guilty pleasure

If you really can’t let go of your favourite milk chocolate bar, you can eat it in smaller portions every other day, or depending on how stable your blood sugar level is. You can eat half a slice of pudding today and reserve the other for the next day.

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