While hardwood floors are a bit expensive, they add quite a class and dignity to your house. They are even pretty easy to maintain. Stores of hardwood flooring Raleigh and various other places even have professional services whereby people would come over to your house and set up the flooring. But many s times what happens is that we take all of this lightly, partly because we get it done too smoothly. Often we end up not taking enough and proper care of the hardwood floor. Mostly very go wrong is in the process of cleaning them up. Here are some of the things that you could have been doing, and should never do again.

  1. Do not mop the floor. Mopping could increase the amount of moisture on the floor. That would further result in the hardwood floor swelling up. Too much water could also result in discoloration off the hardwood floor. Rather, you could use a microfiber mop head along with a hardwood cleaning solution that the store recommends.
  2. Do not use oil or wax near the flooring either- or to clean it. It could affect the finishing of the floor and thereafter the entire flooring.
  3. Using any missionary or equipment that uses steam so not be such a great idea. For instance, vacuuming hardwood floors is not an idea that we would suggest you. It could make the finishing after floating suffer a lot of damage.
  4. Polishes too are not a good idea for usage on hardwood floors. These products could leave a residue and mark on the floors which would be difficult to remove and get rid of.

Along with carpet store Raleigh, many other places provide professional services and help to customers who seek the same. They can help you instill a particular kind of flooring in your house. However, what you have to keep in mind is that installation is not the hard part. Be it carpets, or hardwood floors you need to maintain them well, and more importantly maintain them in a way that they should be.