Have you imagined the world without chocolate? Or birthday parties without a cake? This circumstance is not a far-fetched situation. There are lots of people around the world who are living without a slice of sweet desserts. 

For people unaware, diabetes is a health condition that messes up how the body converts food into energy by fluctuating your blood sugar levels. Diabetes can lead to more severe complications, including impaired vision and heart disease. 

One of the ways to neutralise the blood sugar levels of a diabetic person is to refrain from sweets. But it doesn’t mean they can’t eat desserts, like cakes and pies. Through a diabetic friendly cake in Singapore, people with diabetes can enjoy a slice of sweet delight without shooting up their blood sugars.

What Makes ADiabetic Cake In Singapore Diabetic-Friendly?

To cater to people with diabetes, diabetic cake shops now offer diabetic and keto cakes in Singapore. These cakes are safe to indulge in for people with sugar restrictions. But what makes a sugar free cake different from regular cakes in the bakeshops?


What makes diabetic cakes different from your regular cakes is the ingredients. A diabetic cake shop in Singapore switches the primary ingredients of cake with healthier alternatives. 

The main ingredients of cakes are flour, butter, and sugar.

Flour substitutions

Regular white flour used in ordinary cakes pumps up blood sugar levels. Shops use alternative flour for their diabetic and sugar free cake in Singapore

Wholemeal flour is a known flour substitution for diabetic cakes. The glycemic index of whole grains is much lower than white flour. Glycemic index measures how much the food will impact your sugar levels. The higher the glycemic index of the particular food, the more it will increase your blood sugar. Keto cakes in Singapore usually have a lower glycemic index than your typical cakes. 

Additionally, wholemeal flour is rich in fibre, which improves digestion and heart health. Other flour substitutions include oats, soy, and other nut flours. These flours are rich in protein but low in carbohydrates. 

Butter substitutions

People with diabetes are discouraged from consuming too much butter or fats. Diabetes could lead to many heart diseases. The saturated fat contents of butter have been associated with the development and aggravation of cardiovascular diseases. 

Bakeshops use alternative fat sources for their diabetic cake in Singapore. Rapeseed oil has been used as butter substitution for diabetic cakes. It has a strong flavour and healthy fat content. Canola oil is also a widely available alternative for butter. 

Other shops use fruits like avocados for a healthier fat source. 

Sugar substitutions

Most bakeshops do not completely eradicate table sugar from their recipe. Instead, they use the popular artificial sweeteners for their diabetic friendly cake in Singapore. 

Among the famous alternatives for sugar are stevia, coconut palm sugar, and sugar alcohols. But what makes these sweeteners better than your table sugar?

These sugars give a sweet taste, but you can find the difference in their composition. These alternative sweeteners have lower calorie and carbohydrates content, making them less impactful to your blood sugar level than your regular table sugar. 

Bakeshops also use natural sugars for their keto cakes in Singapore. This sugar is found in honey and fruits. So, instead of adding artificial sweeteners, your cake shop lets the natural sweetness of mango enhance the flavour of your mango cake. 

Sugar Content

Another thing that makes a diabetic cake in Singapore different from the typical cake you buy in a bakeshop is its sugar content. You might have heard sugar claims, like no added sugar, unsweetened, and sugar-free on some food products. To be able to determine the sugar content of the products, we must first learn the definition of these claims based on the Health Promotion Board of Singapore’ nutritional claims guidelines:

No added sugar / without added sugar

Any food and drink product contains no free sugars or ingredients with added sugar during the processing of the products. The product, however, may contain sugar alcohol and/or artificial sweeteners. 


Unsweetened food and products contain no free sugars, ingredients with added sugar, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners. 

Sugar-free/free of sugar/lactose-free

Sugar-free food and drinks have less than or equal to 0.5 grams of sugar per 100 grams or 100 millilitres of serving. 

Low sugar/lite in sugar

Food and drinks with lite in sugar claim contain less than or equal to 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams serving. It may also have less than or equal to 2.5 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres serving. 

Pay attention to these claims when purchasing keto cakes from a diabetic cake shop in Singapore. Learn more about the guidelines for nutrient claims here

Portion control

The last thing that makes your diabetic cake in Singapore so much different from regular cakes is the controlled portion. 

Generally, cake shops ensure that each serving of the cake has a balanced carbohydrate, sugar, and fat content. They mostly use the glycemic index scale to measure the impact of the food per serving on the blood glucose level. 

On the other hand, people themselves should have portion control when consuming keto cakes in Singapore. For example, having an appropriate size of diabetic cake per day is better than abstaining from any form of sugar. Usually, restricting yourself ramps up cravings for sweets, which is a much worse situation. 



There is no reason for people with diabetes to refuse a good slice of cake. Thanks to mother nature for giving us healthier alternative ingredients, technology for producing low-calorie sugars, and your diabetic cake in Singapore for combining these ingredients to make a delightful bite of keto cake. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your diabetic-friendly cake today!

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