In a lifetime, a person gets to have plenty of opportunities to grow and to learn. Whether it is in a classroom or outside of it, every experience counts to help them become better versions of themselves. For some people, they find it in performing arts, such as singing, playing instruments, or dancing. Of course, this article would only be talking about one performing art. As it said in the title, you would be learning what you will get when you learn dancing. When you think that it is time for you to open yourself to opportunities, you should think about learning how to dance, especially what you can learn from everything about pole dances in Singapore!

In this article, you will find what dances can do to your physical, emotional, and mental state! These are what you should keep in mind when you are losing motivation or you are looking for reasons why you should continue honing your dance skills.

1.  Improve your mood

Plenty of people think that dancing is only for performing. It is a sad reality because, while they get to appreciate the artistic side of it, they don’t know how performing can be a good mood booster. If you are one of those people, you must know that dancing causes your brain to release endorphins that help combat feelings of sadness and stress. Even when it is not a quick reliever compared to eating delicious food, you would want to choose to move your body. You can easily do your dances at home once you apply what you have learned from taking chairwork pole dance from experienced instructors!

2.  You learn how far dedication can take you

Last year was a challenge since the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. It might have postponed your promises of changing your routine and finding ways to improve your well-being through learning new hobbies. Well, the year 2021 allows you to reach your postponed goals as long as you are determined. By starting your search with “exotic dance studios near me,” you will know how to start dedicating yourself with a hobby that you like. Soon enough, you will see yourself where you want to be.

3.  Build your confidence

Insecurities will bring you down if you let them. It is time that you take these thoughts down and not let them hinder your growth. Let your instructors give you the encouragement that you need to get yourself closer to your goals. You may never know that it would take one pole dance class in Singapore to give yourself the confidence boost that you need. Once you earned that confidence, you would improve the way you live because you would be open to join social circles and strengthen your social skills!

4.  Have better memory retention

Are you getting embarrassed every time that you forget someone’s birthday? If so, you could avoid that by learning dances! Every dance has steps you need to memorise which can activate and encourage your nerve cells to grow. Recalling various sequences teaches your brain to improve memory and increase neural activity that prevents the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. With every day or weekly dance classes, you are training your brain to have better memory retention!

5.  Recognise the importance of teamwork

Performing dances that require every dancer to be in sync. When your fellow-dancer is lagging, it will affect the whole team’s performance. When this occurs, you know that encouragement should come first. Choosing your words carefully will help in bringing them up. Once you get to dance with floorwork pole dancers in Singapore, you will learn that teamwork is key to better performance!

Where to enrol in dance classes?

You will find many dance studios near you, so you should know which one is the best and can provide you with what you are looking for. It is this time that you should ask yourself, “what modern dance do I want to learn or master?” Well, let these factors of finding a dance class help you choose.

  • Location

At this time of wide-spread of COVID-19, you should avoid enrolling in studios where it would take more than an hour to get there. For your safety, only choose studios that are near you or within your area.

  • Virtual classes

It is better to be safe than sorry nowadays, so you might think of registering online classes than face-to-face ones. Some studios offer these dance classes, you only have to patiently look for one that can offer you a class that matches your schedule.

  • Cost of sessions

When you take pole dance classes in Singapore and like what you learned, you can try advanced classes, such as floorwork and chairwork dances. These would allow you to hone your skills further. If you think that this is your passion, you have to consider the cost of classes so that you can continue your dancing journey without problems.

  • Certification of instructors

Avoid relying on the dance lessons you find on video streaming platforms because you might get into accidents without the supervision of a trained and experienced pole dance instructor. With exotic dance studios, you can trust that teachers have certifications to prove their expertise! You may even ask them to show you proof to assure you.

  • Attire requirements

Pole dance lessons would require you to wear a specific type of clothing, such as leggings and loose shirts. Ask the studio in advance so you can come prepared with what they require you to wear!

Lessons from Breathe Dance Company

Chairwork pole dance classes are one of the popular classes to take in Breathe Dance Company. They are a trusted dance studio in Singapore that offers exotic and modern dances to curious dance beginners, like you!

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