A dining set is more than just pieces of furniture that keep your dining room looks complete. It makes you feel the togetherness of a family. That is very much true if you and the rest of your family members eat meals together. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to happen? It sure does! Besides, a dining set is not necessarily for eating. The truth is, it can be for anything we want to do inside our dining room. Perhaps, crafting arts with your little ones or working on some documents from work. Whatever you have in mind, you can do it as long as you have a dining table and chair to use in Singapore.

Also, if you desire to get the heart of your family members, make sure to serve your speciality on a quality dining set. More so, in this upcoming Chinese New Year. That way, they would be pleased with your arrangements and eat your dishes to their heart’s content. Well, of course, to make that happen, you must choose the right dining set for your home. Listed below are the things you need to consider when you buy one.

How to Choose a Dining Set that is Perfect for Your Home?

Determine Which Material Suits Your Style

You probably feel trouble by now since you do not know which material you should choose. However, that is okay. It is only a natural thing to happen if you are not aware of what your options are. So, make sure to familiarise yourself with these following materials.

  • Wood
    • Most furniture shops use wood as their furniture material since it is durable and easy to modify. Besides, there are various types of wood available out there that could last for a long time. Listed below are some of the wood you might encounter:
  • Teak
  • Pine
  • Acacia
  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Stone
    • While wood is a sturdy material, stones are much more durable. That is why furniture shops use marble as the dining tabletop. However, this material could absorb any stains. So, make sure to make it a habit to clean any spills right away.
  • Glass
    • You might think this one is a fragile material to use as a dining table, but you are mistaken. There are types of glass that cannot withstand the heat like tempered glass.
  • Metal
    • If a glass dining table is too much for you, then a metal one might appeal to you. You see, this material does not get damaged quickly, and it could be less expensive than wood ones.

Consider Its Shape Before You Settle for One

The shape of your dining table and chair in Singapore matter, too! You see, their shape determines if your dining room would still have enough space right after you instal them. So, before you settle for one, make sure to measure the size of your room and think about which shape suits your dining room the most.

Pay Extra Attention to Its Support

Besides its shape, you also have to consider the base’s support that is supporting its weight. That way, you would know if your knees would have enough space when you sit on your dining chair in Singapore. You could do this if you measure the height of your dining table. Usually, it would be 28 to 30 inches from the ground, but that measurement alone would not be enough to make your knees and thighs feel comfortable when you sit down. Therefore, make sure it has a height of 50 to 55 inches from the ground. That is enough space for your legs, especially if you tend to stretch it when you eat.

Find Out How Was It Made

Since you will be buying a new dining set, you have to guarantee that it would last for a long time. That way, you can get the most out of what you paid for. So, make sure to check every side of the dining set of your choice. It would help you keep out of trouble later on.

So, while you are at the furniture shop, ask the staff how sturdy and reliable the construction of their furniture is. If they could answer you eloquently, they know what kind of craftsmanship the furniture shop is using.

What Else Should You Consider?

Your Budget

Well, of course, since a dining table could cost you a hundred to thousands of dollars. For that reason, you need to know how much you are willing to pay for the dining set you want for your home. So, while you have not bought anything yet, make sure to compare all the prices of every shop you visited. It would help you weigh how much you should spend.

The size of Your Dining Room

For this one, you have to consider how many family members you have. You see, the more family members you have, the bigger the dining table you would need. Here’s an estimate below.

Size Rectangle and Oval Square and Round
Four Feet Four People Four People
Five Feet Six People Six People
Six Feet Six People Six People

Are You Ready to Replace Your Old Dining Table and Chairs in Singapore?

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