Choosing your furniture and appliances is one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home. When you go to the mall or when you shop online, there is this happiness that you feel because after all, it is going to be your home, your place in the world.

So, when you are filling in your new and empty space, you might get trigger-happy in purchasing furniture like a dining table set and your sofa set. You might forget some of the basic things you need to remember and consider when choosing home furniture and appliances for your new house.

What are the things to consider in the task?

1. Space and measurement

First things first, after you have fulfilled the requirements of your new home. You need to check the space that you would have for every room. Check the space properly with measurements. Some houses only look big upfront and inside when it still is empty but ends up looking tricky.

You would end up buying all of these furniture pieces that you thought would fit, but surprisingly, they would not. You surely do not want any furniture or appliance to go to waste right? Yes, you could always resell these items online but that would take so much time and effort if only you measured the space you have. You would not find yourself in this predicament.

To do this, you can simply ask for the exact measurement from your developer or your architect and engineers. If this is not available, you can do it on your own. Grab a tape measure or a meter stick, or even your smartphones (yes, the majority of phones have apps to do this). So, there you have it. Measure so that you are sure.

2. Be realistic

It is more important when you are choosing your furniture. Let us say, you are checking out sofas in Malaysia, and there are sofas out there that are looking out of this world. Indeed they are amazing, and some can even look like they were pulled out from an ancient site. However, does this sofa match your home motif? Your interior design? It may pique your interest at first, but does this furniture piece look like it belongs to your house along with the rest of your furniture?

If your answer is no. Then you should probably trust that. Also, that rule applies. If you have second thoughts, then you should listen to it, or at least consider it. It is called being intuitive. If you felt attracted to a certain sofa set because you just are, then that is also a good sign. However, one slight hint of hesitation, then you should listen to that small voice. “That sofa is not realistic!”

3. Function over form

It is akin to the saying, substance over form. It is also applied to both furniture and appliances. See, if you want a dryer machine that looks too sleek and small, you need to double-check its features, and not just be carried away by its aesthetics. Especially, this is a dryer machine, you would need a larger space that can cater all of your clothes and fabric. Always think about functionality in every appliance you are eyeing for because you do not want to waste money on something shiny rather than something that endures and lasts, right?

So, when you are checking washing machines with a dryer, always check for the volume and capacity of water it can take in. Do not just settle for one that looks so digital and posh. Be pragmatic.

4. Follow your budget

Second to the last thing in this list is your budget. One of the most important things to consider is your budget. So, you just bought a new home, that must have cost a lot already. Now, you do not want to overspend in both furniture and appliances. What you can do is list down all of your priorities. From the dining table set,sofa set, bedroom furniture, and TV set. Let us say you have those items as priorities, now you need to allocate a specific range of budget for each. It allows you to focus on those things and not spend much on one item. Next benefit of setting a budget is that you would have a tunnel vision of things. So, instead of getting lamps and side tables, you would always remember that you have a specific budget to follow or else, you might break the bank.

5. Family needs

This last item differs from family to family. Maybe you are a family-man looking for the best dryer machine out there, well, you would be needing a larger washing machine. However, if you are a parent who has a newborn baby, your dining table set and other furniture must be childproof. Also, this can be said with an independent professional living alone. You would not be then needing a queen-sized bed for yourself alone, now would you?

So, given all of these family considerations and preferences, you would have streamlined the furniture items and appliances that you would need and buy. This way, there would be fewer mistakes in buying the right item for you and your family.

Now that you know all of these, it is time for you to visit our website and start shopping for home furniture and appliances! Visit Harvey Norman Malaysia today.