In this article, we are going to talk about what are infrared contact lens and their use in poker games.Also, we are going to talk about how to maintain them and also how to solve common problems of it.

What is an infrared contact lens?

The infrared contact lens is a lens that can be used to see invisible ink markings.This lens is very easily available in the market, and you can buy it from any of the websites.Usually, the contact lens and the marked cards come in pair, and the company replaces if there is any damage.So it is a good thing to check the product before you use it in your games.

This lens is used for both good and also bad purposes in the game of poker.It can be used as a cheating device to try and win a match by cheating.Also, it can be used as an anti-cheat device to catch anyone who is using a cheating device. this is the link from which you can buy the best quality contact lenses.

The marked cards and lens are a very old thing in the market and are commonly used.First, there was no technology, so it was easy to spot these markings.Now, due to technology, they have researched and found out the best marking ink and lens to see them.

How to use and maintain these lenses?

Many people think that after using this device, you will have to preserve it by keeping it in solution.This is not advisable as to if you keep it all day in the solution, then it might affect the lens’s ability to see.This will greatly damage them and also will cause them to show easily in the game.Due to which the person or player using this lens might get caught and even jailed.

The best way to preserve this kind of lens is to soak them in purified water for when you are not using them.This will maintain the ability and the frame on this lens to see the markings carefully.You will have to make sure that you wear this lens while it’s wet and not dry.If someone wears it dry, then this might irritate the eyes and cause them to water.

How to solve some common problems with these contact lens?

Here is the list of common problems and its solution to solve them carefully.

  •  What to do when it’s stuck to the eyelid?

The solution is that you should apply eye drops or eye water to enrich your eyes.

  •  What to do if there is air between the eyeball and lens?

You have to close your eyes and rub them gently and then open them and position the lens.

  •  If there is something wrong with the lens?

IT is advisable that if something is wrong with the lens, then you should replace them for the safety of your eyes.

  •  When the user feels uncomfortable?

You can take a thing lens so that it does not irritate when you use it again and again.