When moving into a new home, people usually look for the highest number of bedrooms that they can afford, even if they are planning on living alone or are a couple who will be sharing a room at night.

Even so, the majority of people up and down the country and beyond tend to have all good intentions to use their spare room as a music room, a study or a dressing room, for example, but the space ends up being more of a storage spot.

To counteract this, continue reading to discover four ways to make your spare room multi-functional. 

  • Invest in a Soft Sofa Bed 

When you have guests in your home who stay overnight, usually a sofa bed is provided, and with numerous cushions and several thick blankets, they will no doubt have an adequate night’s sleep.

However, if adequate is not enough, then one of the first things you need to splash out on is a luxurious sofa bed, which not only changes from a couch to a bed but also has space underneath for storage, even if you keep the duvet and cushions inside. Check out the prominent interior designer bromley, which has a wide array of sofa beds to fit any size or shape of interior living space. 

  • Install a Home Projector 

For some people, apart from when they need a specific item that has been safely stored in their spare room, or else someone is indeed spending the night there, they rarely spend any real time in the space.

One way to combat this and make your children, your partner, your friends and you want to relax in your spare room is to install a home cinema projector. As long as you have one plain white or light cream wall in the room, setting up a home projector on the floor or table opposite will instantly transform the space from a room into a movie theatre.

  • Shun the Clothes Horse!

You will no doubt be aware of how frustrating it is when you have spent the morning, or longer, tidying and cleaning your entire home and then realise you have washing and ironing to do. 

Usually, the spare room doubles as an ironing and laundry space, and quickly the ironing board and various clothes horses fill up the space. Instead, you should consider hanging a pulley airer system for your clothes, which essentially sits folded away in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling. Additionally, you could also have a fold-down ironing board, which, when not in use, simply appears as a piece of fabric artwork on the wall. 

  • A Relaxing Space

So far, you have learnt how to make your spare room multi-functional by making it a guest bedroom, a home cinema and a laundry room, and now, the fourth and final way to make the most of the space is to create a snug reading nook.

The aforementioned sofa, complete with cushions and even a little coffee table, makes for the perfect relaxing space, and the addition of cheap and cheerful bookshelves, which are tall rather than wide, will make the space both homely and the perfect solo chill-out zone.