Among the most well-known summer garden flowers, lilies are known for both their aesthetic value in the garden and their unique gift-giving potential due to their exquisitely beautiful and unusually shaped cut. White lily-like blossoms may be found among the various types of lilies that thrive in gardens. You seek lilies, especially white lilies, for your garden or as gifts, but it’s difficult to decide on just one. That being said, you may get a beautiful lily to use as garden decor by florist Puchong online. But have you decided on the white lily varieties you’d like? If not, keep on reading to learn more about the stunning lily varieties that may enhance your yard.

Varieties of Lilies for Your Flower Bed

  • Lily of the Matrix

Matrix lilies are an exotic hybrid lily species native to Asia that thrive in either full or partial sunlight. In the middle of June, each stalk will have about seven flowers. These beautiful Asiatic hybrid lilies will provide exquisite color to your landscape. Matrix is a great addition to any garden because of its height (three to four feet).

  • Flower Name: Trumpet Lilies

Incredibly fragrant, African Queen trumpet lilies are among the most sought-after of all trumpet lily varieties. There is a wide range of trumpet lily blooming potential, from dozens of bulbs in some to only a few in others. The leaves are large and wide, although not quite as long as those in the Orient. This plant may reach a height of 8 feet, and its star-shaped neck adds beauty to any environment. One of the white lily blooms that complement the garden, comes in pink, orange, cream, yellow, and white.

  • The Canada Lily

For lilies that can handle the shadow, go no farther than Canada lilies, which also thrive in damp meadows and wooded gardens. These lilies, in shades of orange and yellow, provide a touch of beauty to the yard. There are three to eight leaves per stem on this plant, and it may reach a height of two to four feet. Their likeness to tiger lilies is widespread, yet a closer inspection reveals significant differences.

  • The Flowers of the Valley of the Kings: the Luxor Lilies

Luxor lilies provide opulence to your summertime garden with their gold and bronze tones. They’ll look great with orange cosmos or any other flowers you’ve chosen to plant in your yard. The seeds from these hybrid plants are not viable on their own. You may get additional bulbs by replanting the scales. By summertime, your garden will be awash in beautiful blooms.

  • Lilies of the Tiger

Anyone who is just getting started with cultivating lilies should start with tiger lilies. The distinctive tiger-like petals of tiger lilies bloom in the garden somewhere between the middle and end of summer. Dots amid these lilies in an orange tone make them even more beautiful. When given enough sunlight, it may reach a height of 3–4 feet. So, these tiger lilies will certainly provide a touch of splendor to your yard.

In addition to white lily blossoms, florist Selayang has some more lilies that may be used to enhance the smell, color, and aesthetic appeal of your garden. We hope that this article was useful in providing you with information on some very stunning lilies.