Coming up with a unique Halloween costume can be quite challenging. A few years ago, when Suicide Squad came out, everyone and their mother were Harley Quinn and Joker, then Stranger Things came out and a lot of us wanted to be El and Steve, and finally last year it was the Korean series Squid Game that had on influence on a lot of people’s costumes; all of this not even considering the classic costumes like vampires, wizards, ghosts, and others. If you are a man that’s looking toward having a really different outfit for this year’s party, we’re here to give you three distinctive ideas:

Phantom of the Opera

If you want a classy, spooky, but also easy to put together Halloween costumes, it is time to bring back the 2004 musical based on the book The Phantom of the Opera and dress like the main character, you guessed it, the Phantom. Start by pairing a long-tail tuxedo with a white shirt and don’t forget about the waistcoat. The half mask is the crucial element of the outfit that gives your costume the iconic look and you can either look for one online or even make it yourself. Dress it up with a white bow-tie and a pair of formal black shoes and if you want to be as extravagant as possible, wear a cloak.

Drowned sailor

To create an outfit of a drowned sailor, start off with a dark pair of old pants and make some cuts or tears in them to achieve the effect of a wardrobe of someone who’s been laying at the bottom of the ocean for many years. As for the top, you can choose a striped black and white sailor shirt but you can also elevate your look with an authentic fisherman sweater from  that you can wear both at the party and on other days to create more casual looks. To make it look even more real and true to your costume idea, you can soak it in water, spray it with washable paint, or cover it in seaweed, real or not. For finishing touches, wear a sailor’s cap and paint your eye area and lips a light shade of blue for a realistic effect.

Cousin Itt

Lastly, if you want an outfit that would be both scary and funny and also would take almost nothing to put together, Cousin Itt from the Addams Family is the way to go. This little hairy creature that is always wearing a top hat and a pair of glasses is 100% recognizable even after almost six decades. You can get the costume online and it will most probably be made of three pieces, the legs, the torso, and the head, and make sure it is thick enough to actually cover all your body. Other than that, wear a hat and black glasses, and you can make it extra fancy if you carry a walking cane around.

Bonus idea: for an easy last minute costume idea, dress-up like a meme! You can go as the Rock in his iconic black fit turtleneck, like Carol Baskin from her viral meme from 2020 or if you want to do it as a group, you can go with your friends like the 60s villains from Spider-man.