As Perth’s hot, dry weather approaches, getting your garden’s reticulation up and running is often the first order of business. Knowing that you’re running an efficient system with the right timing and with the right amount of water is critical, not just for your garden’s health, but will save you time and money too. Retic systems are great when they work, but even the slightest leak or burst can be frustrating, to say the least. Here are a few tips to help you locate these issues.

Apply pressure to spot potential leaks

As with most retic troubleshooting, it can only be done properly when your watering cycle is running full pressure. This way any potential leaks or issues will present themselves by way of unwanted puddles, bursts, or an underwhelming lack of water pressure. 

Sprinkler heads often become blocked with dirt or crushed accidentally, so removing all your heads and cleaning them once in a while will prevent malfunctions in the future. 

It’s most likely you’ll just need a replacement head. Try swapping out a good one and see if this works. If not, you may have a blockage or leak, and with an underground system, this could require digging and possibly professional assistance.

Know your hotspots

Turn on the tap and make sure you examine your entire network of retic. Particularly those parts hidden under thick shrubs or behind trees, this is where problems often go unnoticed. Retic that sits close to fences or manmade structures can also be cause for concern as rough concrete or building debris below ground can easily rupture a pipe over time. 

Tall grass or weeds are especially notorious for hiding a faulty sprinkler, and so too are children’s cubbies and large toys. Pay particular attention to areas with thick root growth or sharp corners, as this may have burst or pinched a pipe. Areas that are under a lot of pressure or heightened tension, such as pipe connectors or timers are always worth inspecting. 

If you’ve got a map of your retic system this can help with knowing your layout and is a good place to mark in past trouble spots. If not, even a rough sketch of your system can help you or a professional navigate their way around easily and locate issues faster. 

Have a go-to professional

Knowing where to turn for your urgent reticulation repairs in Perth will be an enormous help. Choosing a company that is both reliable and quick to respond is always a good idea. If something goes seriously wrong, you want to be able to trust it will be fixed quickly and effectively. Major water leakages are not only costly but can severely damage your plants and garden landscape. 

Ideally, you want to be running an efficient system, by monitoring how, and where your water is falling, you can work with specialists to optimise your efficiency across your garden. Having an efficient retic system can save money over the long term and will keep your garden looking the best it can.