In the UK, mental health problems are common. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 4 people have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. But what causes mental health issues? Mental health problems can be caused by many things, including relationship issues, stressful events such as losing a job, money issues or bereavement. The majority of people who suffer from a mental health condition have mild to moderate symptoms. However, some people’s symptoms are more severe.

Thankfully, there are lots of treatments available to help people who suffer with their mental health. As well as medication, talking therapies are available to help people manage their symptoms. And that’s not all; research suggests that certain hobbies can help to boost mental health. If you’re suffering from a mental health illness, why not try one of the hobbies listed below?

1. Listening to Music

Research suggests that listening to music has many benefits. As well as helping to improve mood, it can also help to decrease anxiety and pain. This is excellent news for people struggling with mental health conditions. As well as listening to music, it is thought that playing an instrument can help to boost mental health. The wonderful thing about learning to play an instrument is that you can practise in the comfort of your own home in your spare time. As well as this, learning to play an instrument can be a great deal of fun. For ideas on which instruments might appeal to you, visit

2. Writing

Writing is another hobby that can help to boost mental health. This hobby can be done anywhere at any time, meaning you can fit it around your busy lifestyle. Whether you choose to write a diary about how you’re feeling or write something different is entirely up to you.

3. Reading

Reading is similar to writing in that it can be done anywhere at any time. However, reading requires much less thought. You simply need to choose a book you like the look of, find a comfortable seat, sit down, and enjoy. Reading can help to keep you calm as it helps you to take your mind off your everyday life and problems.

4. Walking

Going for a walk outside in the fresh air can allow you to clear your mind and feel more relaxed. And this isn’t the only benefit of taking up walking as a hobby; it is also great for your physical health.

5. Yoga

According to the National Institute of Health, yoga has many benefits. As well as being an effective stress management tool, yoga can aid with mental health issues, weight loss, healthy eating, mindfulness, and improving sleep quality. This is why yoga is such a great exercise to take up.

Mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Thankfully, there are many things people suffering from a mental health illness can do to manage or overcome their symptoms. This includes taking up one of the hobbies listed above. If you’re struggling, why not give them a try?