Are you planning to move to a new place but doesn’t want to drive? If ‘yes’ is your answer then auto transport services would be your best choice. Wondering how to prepare your vehicle for shipping? Have a quick look below to know how to prepare your car shipping.

  • Gather your car documents Keep all your car documents ready. This will help auto transporters know on whose name the car is registered. Remember, the car should be registered on your name, if you want to avail the services of an auto transport service provider. Some of the important car documents that you may require include car insurance proof, vehicle registration documents, Driving license etc.
  • Wash Your CarWash your car properly both outside and inside. This will help you to identify if there are any existing scratches, and dust on your vehicle. You can actually catch if any new damage occurs to your car while transporting your car. Make sure that you remove all the clutter from your car before transporting it to your new place.
  • Take the pictures of your carIt is always wise to click the pictures of your car before going ahead with booking the auto transport services. This will help you to identify if any damage occurs to your car.
  • Remove your personal itemsEnsure that you remove all your personal items like GPS devices, sunglasses, charging cables and etc from your car before transporting it. The reason behind this is the items kept in your car will not be insured by the auto shipping company.
  • Perform necessary checks: Check if your car has any mechanical issues and get them repaired by giving it for maintenance. Check the tire condition as well as the vehicle should be driven inside the truck for transporting. Not performing this check can create unnecessary problems. Hence, make sure that your vehicle is in a good condition before transporting it.
  • Empty the gas tank: Keep in your mind that there is no point in filling up your gas tank with extra gas before transporting it. In fact, this can actually lead to increase in your shipping cost. Fill 1/4th of your tank with gas to drive on and off of your truck while transporting.
  • Lock your car: Lock your car and give the spare car keys to the transporter. This will help the transporter to drive your car on and off the truck.
  • Read and sign the legal agreement Your transporter will ask you to sign on a legal agreement before proceeding with transporting your vehicle. Read the legal agreement properly and proceed with your signature to transport your vehicle to your new place safely.

There are many companies in US, which provide car shipping services at an affordable price. However, not all companies offer great services to their clients. You have to do a lot of research to find a good transporting company in your location.

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