Wouldn’t it be great if your peers tag you as one of the best party hosts in your circle? Impress them with the different cuisines you can prepare inside your kitchen. Do not forget about the various refreshments you can concoct that will leave them speechless. Then finish off with a memorable dessert that will cap a good night of celebration.

Whether you’re planning for a big celebration or simple gathering at home, you should have a go-to patisserie where you can order your next birthday cake for delivery in Singapore. But how will you find a bakeshop around your area that you can rely on during your sweet cravings? Here are some simple ways you can do it:


Start asking recommendations from the people you trust the most – your family. Begin with your parents that might be ordering from the same bakeshop for your yearly birthday cake. You may not be aware of it, but it might have been your staple treat ever since you started celebrating your date of birth.

Consult them on how its flavours may either have sustained or improved through the years. Trust them of their suggestions as there will be no one in your circle who will always prioritize your satisfaction as your parents do. Besides, mothers know best so trust them as soon as you make your decision.

Extra Icing: Aside from your parents, you can also ask your friends who you are about to invite to the party. They may know a local patisserie that is either known for their birthday cake or with their other sweet offers. It would be best if they have ordered from them before to guarantee their quality. Remember that you have your peers that will always be at your back whenever you need them.


Other than your kin and acquaintances, you can also do your online research to look for blogs and websites that feature customer testimonials about patisseries in Singapore. Find cake reviews, taste tests, and highlights on some of the known treats that will help you decide on your next bakery purchase.

Search for credible review sites that can give you truthful feedback on some of the known bakeshops in your area. You only must ensure that these are objective reviews coming from real customers. The last thing you may want to do is having the worst cake for your birthday due to misleading claims from what you have read online.

Extra Icing: Look for websites, blog platforms, or social media channels of some famous connoisseurs in the region. There is no doubt that you should question their judgements as they won’t earn the prestige if they’re not expert tasters. Consider their comments about the taste, composition, and even cost before buying the desserts they’re featuring.


Aside from reviews, you can depend on the ratings they get from local diners and their regular clients. How will you find credible customer gradings of their stores? Go to your browser and enter the right keywords that will lead you to the best birthday cake in the region.

It is easy to spot which bakeshop is the most loved by your neighbours. You can choose based on their ranking on the search results. The higher they are, the most searched they are among the locals. You can also use it to gauge on how many clicks does an online site get if they are the ones featured in it.

Extra Icing: Make the most of your online time by using the right keywords on your searches. You don’t need to look for a dine-in exclusive patisserie if you’re after a macaron shop that offers delivery services in Singapore. You can also limit your searches on the most recommended ones that are near you. It makes your research more sensible and efficient since you are looking for your immediate go-to dessert store,


Once you have narrowed down your options, you may step out of your comfort zones and visit actual retail shops in your area. Find enough time to do it and ensure that you have no biases on the Singaporecake shops you choose to spend time.

Make your assessments and review on your initial visit with them. You can either do an actual taste test on their products to compare it with other offerings from other bakeshops or ask around its customers who are inside their store buying their goods. Again, remain critical and objective even though you’re only dropping by.

Extra Icing: Take home some of your finds if you can’t take it all in one sitting. You should remember that you’re dealing with too many sweets here so you should prepare yourself on this food trip. Wash down your palate every time you have a new treat during your cake and macaron taste test to have fair judgements.


Most importantly, always choose based on the reputation they have in the market today. These include the number of recommendations, positive reviews, high ratings, and customer visits they get due to their products and services. Nevertheless, finish your search and opt to order your cake or macaron treats for delivery with BELLTON PATISSERIE.

They offer some of the best treats that are loved by most customers in the region today! You can find an array of dessert options that are perfect to cap off your home gatherings and parties. The good thing about them is that you can order these sweet delicacies through their online platform and let their efficient delivery team in Singaporebring your treats straight to your doorsteps. Check their website now and start ordering to satisfy your sweet cravings today!