Do you have plans to apply to become a permanent resident in Singapore anytime soon? Well, that may come as a surprise if you have only thought about it overnight without informing anyone about your desire to reside in the region. What makes it even worse is that your impulsiveness is irrational since you’re clueless on why be a local in the first place.

But who can blame you if you want to become a permanent resident of the renowned Garden City of Asia? Besides, it will be more of your gain than anyone’s loss if you have relocated successfully. You may only need to prepare for several things to make your transfer smooth and acquire your residency in no time.

Start by asking around your circle and see if they can walk you through your immigration to Singapore. Ask your relatives living there about the first few things you need to prepare as you work on your migration papers. Always take note of their advice on how you can speed up the process, and ensure that you got everything covered.

It will also help if you consult your peers who have recently moved into the region to know what you should expect as you work on yours. Some of them may have sought assistance from a Singapore immigration agency for their hassle-free processing. You may also choose to trust them if you don’t have much time but have extra funds to spare.

There are also instances that you stumble upon testimonials from an actual permanent resident who has also applied for their residency lately. Read through their experiences on how they prepared for their transfer and see if it will also work for you. Besides, you may already be outdated of the latest documents you need to complete the process.

Nonetheless, do your research on the things you need to consider as you process your immigration to Singapore. These include several documents you must prepare as you submit your appeal to become one of their locals. But before you even take hold of these physical items, better begin with the nonmaterial ones – like your valid reasons – on why stay in the region permanently.


Valid Reasons to Stay in SG for Good

It is essential that you first establish grounds on these life-changing plans of yours. They must be reasonable enough to make you not regret your decisions of being a permanent resident here. But how would you know if your purpose of staying here is one of them? Well, here are some you can begin with as you work on your residency appeal soon:


Learn from the experts

Studying abroad has become popular due to the limitless learning opportunities it can provide to students nowadays. These include the chance to learn more about the culture of the country you’ve chosen to take your international studies with. That’s why working on your immigration to Singapore will not be put to waste if you’re also after these educational goals.

International studies also improve your credentials as you try to secure a better future. You may either use them to enrol with other schools or land a great career in the region. Nonetheless, it’s already rewarding to get familiar with their local customs by being a permanentresidentand student here.

Work at your own pace

It may also not sound new, but its booming economy is also an acceptable reason for you to work on your Singapore PR application now. Online resources never lie, and you can start searching for the endless work possibilities you can try here. You may even be surprised that your dream job is now offered right at the heart of its business district.

Expect more opportunities open up if you’re already a permanent resident here. Get to apply for better and high-paying careers once you have secured the right papers to show your legitimacy as one of their locals. You can also forget about short-term contracts since you can now accept full-time jobs when you’re only living minutes away from your workplace.

Expand your venture effortlessly

Apart from your day-to-day job, you can also explore building your venture at the central business district once you migrated to Singapore. Introduce your business to the market effortlessly when you have the legal papers to do so. Besides, you may never want to hide when the authorities inspect different establishments here.

Its developing economy is also a ground for you to consider why you choose to expand your business in the region. Always take advantage of your growing market and secure more customers to increase your profits. You may never know; you get to double your expected gains, so better work on your PR applicationtoday.

Secured living for everyone

But if you only want to spend the rest of your life with your loved ones residing here, then that’s an acceptable reason as well. You may either live with them, acquire your own space, or to whatever suits your living preference. Hence, partner with providers that offer overseas relocation services in Singapore for your flawless change of address.

In some cases, it can be you who brings your entire household to the region and has everyone apply for their permanent residency here. So, you need to ensure that they’re eligible to become a local before you decide to fly them in. Besides, why would you choose to live far from them if you have an option to all be together on one roof?

Enjoy the region more

Nonetheless, work on your immigration to Singapore if you only want to appreciate everything it has to offer every day of your life. These include its scenic attractions, picturesque coastlines, and colourful side streets that you can now visit any time you want. Drop by these spots as soon as you get off your bed, and relish its beauty that is only several blocks away from them.

Never forget about its delectable cuisines and treats that you can only find here. Save yourself from booking a flight and securing a hotel to have a taste of some of your beloved local dishes. Choose to be their permanent resident and have your favouriteNasiGoreng delivered straight to your doorsteps. What a joy to be a local here!


Must-Haves to Process Your Long-Term Stay

Now that you have enough reasons to stay long in the region, you can now start working with a PR application agency in Singapore for your permanent residency. Look for a credible one to ensure your flawless transfer to your new home. You also need to be ready with the following things before you even schedule an appointment with them:


Eligibility Check

Do a quick eligibility check to see if you’re entitled to become their permanent resident in the first place. It will not take much of your time, so you better do it before submitting an appeal form to legal authorities handling such requests. Moreover, always take note that qualifications may vary depending on who’s applying for a residency.

It would be easy to process your request if you’re married to a legal citizen or a PR in Singapore. You may also apply online if you’re an enrolled student or foreign shareholders who plan to explore more opportunities in the region. Children below 21 years old and elderlies can also be locals as long as they’re legally related to someone living here permanently.

Bonus Processing Tip! Try securing your S Pass or Singapore Employment Pass before you apply for your permanent residency. Check with your current employers if they issue such documents to increase your chances of becoming a legitimate local here. Nevertheless, do your research on how you can acquire one immediately.

Personal Files

It is also essential that you’re aware that your PR application requirements may vary depending on your eligibility category. Again, you may be a spouse, a child, or a parent of a legal citizen here in the region. You can also be a student or a businessman who needs to prepare different documents to process your appeal.

But you can start with the primary ones if you haven’t classified yourself yet on which eligibility category you fall. These include your identification cards, travel forms, valid birth certificate, and other files to back up your immigration papers. Your agency may also require you to submit several transcripts to check on your records or status.

Bonus Processing Tip! They are strict with these documents, so you better read through their notes to only get the right ones for your Singapore PR application. One example would be their required photograph that has specific guidelines on its proper size, your facial features, and the background you must have. Follow these instructions to prevent any delay with your appeal.

Supporting Documents

Apart from your usual identification papers, your immigration and PR application agency may also require you to submit supporting documents to speed up the approval of your appeal. These include work passes, business certificates, educational records, financial statements, and even custody papers depending on which eligibility category you belong to.

They may also require your sponsor – your legal spouse or children – to submit documents to support your appeal. You may also include files of your dependents if you have plans on bringing them together with you. Make it a habit to check these requirements with your immigration agency and not miss anything during submission.

Bonus Processing Tip! If you have non-English documents, better translate them now before you even send your PR application papers online to your overseas relocation partner. Save yourself from the hassle of going back to their office only because they can’t comprehend details on your submitted requirements. Moreover, ensure that they’re legally notarized by authorities to prevent any further delay.

Processing Fees

It will also speed up the process of becoming a Singapore PR when you’re financially ready as you submit your appeal soon. Prepare yourself for a non-repayable processing fee that you no longer can refund once you hand in your requirements. That’s why you must assure that they’re complete to avoid its resubmission and repayment of the said fees.

Once they approve your PR application, then be ready to settle more fees to secure your identification cards and permits. Prices may vary depending on the papers you need to show your legitimacy as a local in the region. You might need some extra funds if you tag along some of your family members on your appeal.

Bonus Processing Tip! Check if they accept payments through multiple channels and platforms for your convenience. Your immigration agency might also offer services to help you settle these fees, so it would be great if you confirm it with them for some added comfort. Besides, you may only want to finish the entire process at the soonest time possible.

Long-term Plan

Most importantly, create a long-term plan on how you’ll make the most of your permanent stay in Singapore. They will not require it on your appeal, but it would help you gauge if you made the right decision or not. You must reconsider your options if you happen to find loopholes in them and raise more uncertainties of your desired transfer.

But if you’re already confident about your overseas relocation, then start creating your plan on what you’re going to do here. Be specific with your goals and ensure that you’ll achieve them within your set timeline. They should also be feasible and realistic to make your stay in the region more worthwhile.

Bonus Processing Tip! You no longer need an extra tip since you can effortlessly draft one if you’re 100% ready to be a permanent resident in Singapore. Also include the different reasons and documents you’ve prepared to be sure with your plans. But are you indeed ready to be one soon?


Are You Ready to Be a Local?

There are many ways to confirm if you’re indeed 100% ready to be a Singapore PR.These include the valid arguments mentioned above that can also be your logical grounds in staying here for good. Besides, there may be no other known reasons to live here permanently but to enjoy everything the region has to offer you.


Never forget the efforts you spent to prepare several application documents to apply for your permanent residency. You may not want to throw away all the time, funds, and resources you’ve exhausted to complete your requirements the soonest. Your mere determination to work on your papers already shows how ready you are.

Nonetheless, be more ready when you work with a reputable PR application agency like Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy Pte. Ltd. that will ensure you’ll be a certified local in the region in no time. They also offer overseas relocation services perfect for your immediate transfer of residence needs. Check their website now to book an appointment with them soon!