Are you going to a housewarming party? Then you must pick a gracious gift. And, what can be a better gift than flowering plants?

Picking out a plant for indoors needs a lot of research based on the height of the plant, its growing capacity and light dependency. Adding on top of that list, you need to focus on getting a plant that requires minimal care and attention too.

Keeping all of the above pointers in mind, you as the gift giver need to pay special attention to how the bloom is throughout the year. To help you pick an ideal indoor flowering plant, here is a compiled list of the most manageable of the lot.

Ideal indoor flowering plants:

  • Desert cacti

 Cacti are hands down, the best indoor plants. They can grow in harsh temperatures, require minimal tending to, and their full bloom is frankly magnificent. Cacti flowers are bright, and when they bloom, they look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Bromeliads

 Bromeliads are specifically grown for their gorgeous foliage and floral arrangements. Nicknamed as the urn plants, these mostly grow in rosettes that give it an urn-like look with central water collecting structure. Flowers are hard to blossom without some tending to, but once they bloom, their flowers survive for several months at a stretch.

  • Begonias

Though many begonias survive better outdoors, they are perfect for indoors. These plants can survive harsh conditions too. Begonias require minimal tending to as long as there is sufficient water supply to the roots.

  • African violets

A small compact plant with multiple floral choices, these plants make for the best table side plants. To ensure healthy growth of these plants, proper watering is a must. These plants need to be kept at a high humid environment hence goes exceptionally well in tropical countries. This plant does take a little more caring and tending to than the former flowering plants, but the effort is worth it once the full bloom comes along.

  • Orchids

Every bookworm knows how gorgeous orchids can be. Orchids have appeared time and time again across prose, poetry and novels. In the book “the orchid thief” by Susan Orlean, the author describes an orchid show. Here the description of many types of orchids and their shapes have been described. Though by the thought of an orchid, you may be put off, that is understandable, many orchid species have an astonishing floral arrangement. Remember, not all orchids are dull in colour; most are in fact, very vibrant.

You cannot go wrong with orchids. They are the perfect indoor flowering plant. With a very minimal care routine and non-rigorous watering schedule, you can fit in orchids anywhere in your apartment. Thus, gifting an orchid to a new homeowner is an easy picked task.

  • Anthuriums

Anthuriums are the wildflowers of this lot. Though many of the former flowering plants can be found in jungles and forests, anthuriums have been a wild plant that has been very recently domesticated.

Anthuriums have a knack for humid temperatures, sufficient heat and bright sunlight. The owner needs to fertilize the plant adequately and water regularly. What about online florist?

Indoor flowering plants add aesthetic value to the house. Adding a couple of these different floral plants to home will make it all the more homely. So, now that you know which are the plants that you can consider, which one is going to be your choice?