As a business owner, you understand that your company’s website is one of the crucial tools that must be in your arsenal for the quick growth of the company. However, what establishes a bad website from a good one or a great website from a good one? Here are some qualities that would help distinguish your website and put it in the best category. Contact web design Malaysia to get your website designed or redesigned.


Your website should be fairly simple to navigate. It should be user-friendly, and the menu should be easily accessible. The viewer should know exactly where the menu is and should be able to easily access it. If you can add a sitemap, it would be a bonus. It may sound elementary, but you must improve on these sections. If it is tough to navigate your website, the user may be tempted to leave the website.

Visual design

Humans are visual creatures. Your website gets only one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, utilize good graphics to enhance the appeal factor of the website. A visitor or potential customer forms a view about your website within 1/10th of a second. Therefore, you must use this 1/10th of a second to impress. Make sure to not use too many popups since it is distracting. Animation, flash intros, and scrolling tasks should be used but within limits. Check out web design Kuala Lumpur for all your design needs.


Content is king. If the content on your website is not good, no matter how good the design is, you will never receive visitors. The text should be easy to read, informative as well as concise. Your content will be responsible for improving your search engine rankings as well as maintaining or growing the brand image.


Make sure that the agency you hired to design the website involved best practices in the designing process. If the website is non-SEO friendly, it will not rank by Google or any other major web browsers. All the alt tags, meta tags, etc., should be fully optimized. The visual appearance and search engine placement have many factors contributing to it. Your web designers should consider all these factors when designing a website.

Responsive design

Many times this point gets overlooked. If your website design is non-responsive, it will not resize to different screen sizes. Currently, over 80% of the world’s population visits websites from phones. If the website design does not realign itself to fit the phone screen, it will reduce the user-friendly factor, and the audience would be tempted to get out.


Branding is crucial for the growth of your business. Your website must be a reflection of the brand and the business. The moment visitors enter the website, they should make a visual connection between the printed material, the logo, and the location. The website is not only responsible for the brand image, but it is also responsible for the credibility of your business.