It is often said that when a couple gets married, the entire day goes past in a flash, and often, one or both partners struggle to remember key events of the day, as they are swept up in the emotion of their union.

When it comes to pregnancy, however, many women, especially towards the end of their pregnancy, feel as if they just want to give birth, so they can begin to help their bodies get back to normal. Even though, whilst you are pregnant, you cannot wait for the natural process to end, you will later look back on your pregnancy and want to recall key moments.

To help you do just that, here are the key milestones to remember in your pregnancy.

1.    Your Pre-Natal Check-Up

For so many women across this country and beyond, the moment of their pre-natal check-up is the most emotional and joyous step along the pathway to becoming a mom, especially if they choose to register with a prestigious and renowned pregnancy clinic London.

You will also learn a great deal about how to best take care of both your physical health and your emotional well-being as your baby bump grows and receive detailed lifestyle advice and suggestions on any mineral and vitamin supplements if needed.

2.    The First Time You Feel Your Baby Move

Another key milestone of your pregnancy that is an incredibly intimate and personal experience is when you feel your baby move or kick for the very first time.

Not only will the love you had already felt for your growing baby be compounded tenfold as soon as you can feel them wriggling, but you will also feel empowered by the strength and the power of your own body.

Alternatively, some pregnant women can feel overwhelmed by the movement in their stomach and it is often the point where mothers say that their pregnancy begins to feel real.

3.    A Renewed Appreciation for Your Mother

Perhaps you are already incredibly grateful for everything your mother did for you when you were growing up and, indeed, perhaps still does for you as an adult with your own family, becoming a mother yourself enhances this appreciation.

The sacrifices your parents made and the love they have for you will finally be something you can experience for yourself and it is important, once your baby becomes a toddler and then eventually a teenager, that you remember this gratitude.

4.    The Restorative Power of Sleep

When talking to women who have never been pregnant, you will start to envy their ability to go to sleep without having to adjust the sleeping position, regularly change the temperature of the room, and be able to sleep straight through the night.

However, something you will learn firsthand is the incredibly impressive restorative power that simply resting your mind and body during sleep can have and, from that moment on, a new appreciation for a good night’s sleep will hopefully always calm and comfort you in the future.