The word charity has many meanings, but only one goal: to help anyone in difficult situations that often seem to have no way out. Charity is most often that light at the end of the tunnel, both for those who grant it and for those who receive it.

To do charity is to act wisely, helping others without expecting anything in return and most importantly: not divulging what was done, when it was done, to whom, and how much it cost. Choosing the option of feed the children charity is important here.

What is charity?

It is the opportunity we have to do good to the world through our actions. We help because we believe in the commandment that God has given us: love of neighbor.

Whatever the pain or illness, whatever the day of the week or month, whether we are well or not, charity must be the thread that guides our life. The Gospel helps us to strengthen this desire to do charity.

What is solidarity?

It is an act of kindness towards others, love in action. It is the ability that human beings have to share joys, sorrows, victories, defeats, responsibilities and needs among themselves. 

What is the importance of solidarity?

It helps to relieve the pain of others and to make some situations easier, it helps to promote assistance to people in difficult times, so we should do for others what we would like them to do for us.

When and where do we have to be supportive?

Whenever, in an environment or situation, at home or in the community, our support and outstretched hand is requested, we must help with concrete gestures that can change a reality for the better.

There are many ways to practice charity, it is not necessarily linked to the possession of material goods. One can help someone with the simple fact of listening, allowing the other to let off steam, thus putting out everything that ails him, with a smile, a hug or with the act of accompanying, having patience and giving advice according to the laws Divine as a foundation and guide.

Fortunately, the people have human warmth and extreme gestures of humility, just because they see needy people on television newspapers asking for food, clothes, layettes for babies who are about to arrive and they don’t even have a bathing suit, a diaper and days later they have their little houses full donations.

But it is important to note that true charity comes from the depths of the heart, from a desire of the soul and not from the ego, or from the need to appear before the eyes of others.

Practicing unreasonable conduct without responsibility is not to act in a charitable way, to like others, first we have to love ourselves, respect ourselves and remember that charity starts at home.Repeatedly many have seen people helping strangers and mistreating their parents, beating them up, despising them. With orphan charity a proper solution can be called for. For that, working hand in hand is essential.