A living room is not a living room without a settee. How can you lounge and relax without a comfortable sofa? A living room settee is a must, whether a sofa, couch, or bean bag. It is why new homeowners make sure to buy a sofa in Singapore first before any other furniture.

But how will you know which sofa is the best for you? Should you purchase what’s available in your furniture store? Should you consider the number of family members and choose a 3 seater sofa in Singapore. Your choice depends on the type, material, and style.

This article will inform you about what you need to know and consider when shopping for sofas.

Your Quick Guide To Different Types of Sofa In Singapore

If you are going sofa shopping, your primary consideration must be the sofa type. Each type of sofa suits your unique needs.

Here are the most common types of sofas:


Many people use the terms couch and sofa interchangeably, but these two are different. Sofas have arms, whereas couches lack those. Sofas have prominent backrests, while the couch has a defined back.

The two have different functions, too. A fabric sofa in Singapore has a more professional look. People use it for sitting.

On the other hand, couches have an informal appearance. People use them to lie down.

The word couch came from the French word “coucher”, which translates to lay down.

When it comes to the number of people it can accommodate, the sofa and couch are the same.

Grande sofa

A grande sofa is a 3 seater sofa in Singapore that measures around 110 inches long. The Grande sofa can accommodate three to five people comfortably.

Grande sofas are perfect for families with many members or homeowners who love to host guests.

Because of its enormous size, people can also lay down and lounge on it.


A loveseat is a traditional sofa in Singapore that has a room for two people. They are popular in smaller homes, apartments, studio-type condos. It usually has dimensions of 58 inches.

Some people use two or more loveseats at home, arranged perpendicularly, side by side, or facing each other.

Petite sofa

The petite sofa is similar to a grande sofa concerning the length. The petite sofa can have the same length as the loveseat as well. What makes a petite sofa different from a loveseat and traditional sofa in Singapore is the depth.

The seat depth of a petite sofa is much shorter than the standard sofa. Therefore it is accessible to shorter people, such as the kids who usually have their feet hanging when seated.

Reclining sofa

Reclining sofas are standard couches with a mechanical section at the bottom where the footrest is. It can be a 3 seater sofa in Singapore or an armchair, popularly known as a La-Z-Boy.

When the person sitting on the reclining sofa lowers the backrest, the footrest will extend and recline automatically.

Sectional sofa

A sectional sofa has multiple modular components, mostly four to seven pieces, in a perpendicular arrangement.

Some people arrange sectional sofas in an L shape; hence the name L shape sofa in Singapore. Others position them in a U shape.

A sectional sofa can accommodate more than five people with all modular components combined. They are perfect for households with many occupants.

Now that you know the different types of sofas, another question remains: which sofa style is the best for you?


5 Different Styles of Sofa In Singapore

Lawson style

Designed for financier Thomas Lawson, the Lawson style’s unique hallmark is the back cushions detached from the main sofa frame. The seat and back cushions have a clean, sleek, and boxy shape that is comfortable for any body type.

Bridgewater or English Rolled-Arm

The Bridgewater style is famous for its high back and low, rolled-arm sofa style. Like Lawson, it has loose seats and back cushions.


Chesterfield is one of the oldest sofa styles in Singapore. Its hallmark is its rolled arms as high as its backrests and deep button-tufted upholstery. They usually use leather, but some manufacturers today use a duvet, canvas, and denim. Many people love Chesterfield because it does not get wrinkled.

Camelback style

You can distinguish a camelback sofa based on the hump or arch at the centre of the back frame.

It is usually a single-cushion Chesterfield sofa with exposed or skirted legs.

Cabriole style

Cabriole-style sofa in Singapore is often misidentified as camelback-style because of its curved back. Its key differences are the exposed curved frame, usually with carvings, flowing in one line and bowed legs.

Have you decided which sofa style suits your interior design? If so, it is time to proceed with the common sofa materials.


5 Common Materials Used In A Sofa In Singapore


Leather is the most popular material for couches. Your Italian leather sofa in Singapore is low-maintenance, durable, comfortable, and luxurious. Leather is expensive as well.


Polyester is a common material for a fabric sofa in Singapore. This fabric is made of plastic threads and microfibers. Polyester is excellent at retaining shape and resisting stain. They come in different colours as well.


Acrylic mimics the wool, making it a synthetic fabric sofa in Singapore. Unlike wool, they are easy to clean and very comfortable. This fabric is perfect for the outdoors, too.


Linen is made of breathable and comfortable cotton fabric. They are easy to clean and come in different colours. Depending on its weave quality, its microfibres may wear out faster than other fabric sofas in Singapore.


Velvet is one of the most elegant, luxurious, and expensive materials for a sofa. Its hallmark is its dense, slightly raised fibres. They usually come in vibrant colours.


There are many types, styles, and materials to choose from for your sofa. The key is identifying your considerations. These could be the size, your interior design, and maintenance.

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