If you love trying unique things and though might seem offbeat to others Takowasa which in English is known as Tako Wasabi is a food that has created a lot of buzzes. It is popular in Japan and as a side dish in a Japanese izakaya. Now, some people might hate it while some who like to put their tongue through an adventure ride will love it as it is made of raw octopus which has been heavily flavored with the help of Japanese horseradish. Tako wasabi delivery (ทา โกะ วา ซา บิ เดลิ เว อ รี่, which is the term in Thai) is the way most likes to get their Takowasa.

How Did It Originate?

There are many speculations on how but most believe that Takowasa originated from a game of punishment in Azuma Food Company in the year 1991. Though it was meant to be a punishment food, the employees found the taste of this pleasant. Later the company started commercializing the food which became popular in izakaya all over Japan and not just with locals, tourists from all over the world who visit to try it as well.

Many have described Takowasa as a gloopy grey concentrated chunk that was not appetizing at all. Therefore, either one would be loving it while the rest not so much. Most cannot stand the smell or the odor of raw food. But many have described eating Takowasa for the first time as surprisingly good.

The heat of the wasabi goes well with the chewy raw octopus. A good match with wines, this slimy version of octopus is a great complement to it that many are interested in trying now.

Is There Any Benefit?

Many have speculated whether consuming it comes with any benefit or not. As the taste is quite an addictive one Takowasa is also very much popular because of the low-calorie count it comes with. And also, the nutritional label alongside the protective layer it has on the liver and stomach in contradiction of ethanol.

Tako wasabi delivery products are available in markets and for one who cannot eat the raw version, boiled octopus version is available as well. Many are going for a fusion or innovative take by adding seaweed so that it could be eaten as a nacho snack.

How To Prepare Takowasa?

Making Takowasa is not hard. One just has to clean the surface of the raw octopus thoroughly and make sure to clean away the slime. Cutting the octopus in approximately 1-2cm is the next step and then mixing it with wasabi and other items like soy sauce, sake, salt, sugar, and also plum if needed for extra flavoring. It could be eaten straight away after mixing or one could chill it and store it to eat after a few hours. Therefore, though an adventurous choice, it will be an exploration of taste for your tongue.