Sociology is an interesting subject that deals with society and the various elements of social life. It focuses on the social behavior of humans, the relationship they share with other elements of social life, etc. Traditionally, sociology emphasizes religion, gender, secularization, sexuality, etc.

However, now the concept of sociology has expanded to all spheres of the society and the humans residing in the society, like health, education, etc.Sociology is also one of the optional subjects of the UPSC examination. Numerous UPSC aspirants opt for this subject for their optional paper because of its short syllabus and easy availability of resources. It is always advisable to go for the best teacher for sociology optional for the best preparation.

Reasons why sociology optional is one of the most famous optional subjects of UPSC

  1. Sociology optional is a consistent subject when it comes to toppers of the UPSC examination.
  1. Sociology optional is also a scoring subject and gives enough scope to the aspirants for a 300+ score.
  1. Sociology is a subject that is relevant to the job role. The theoretical knowledge of the subject allows the students to know more about society and societal norms.

Who should take up sociology as an optional subject and why?

Students coming from humanities backgrounds can go for sociology optional for the UPSC examination. However, students coming from other streams can also opt for sociology. This subject has a clear link with society and human behavior. Hence, it is beneficial for all UPSC aspirants.

Also, there is a very low chance of securing low marks in this subject.

It is a safe option, and the success ratio of students having sociology as the optional subject is high as compared to those opting for other optional subjects. The syllabus of sociology optional overlaps hugely with the general studies of the UPSC examination.

Topics Covered under Sociology Optional in UPSC

The syllabus of the optional subject Sociology in UPSC covers several topics. In UPSC, Sociology has two papers.

The first paper focuses on sociology, sociology as a science, and its research works and methods. It also covers the contribution of several sociological thinkers, the concepts of stratification and mobility, economic life, politics and its influence in society, religion, social changes in modern society, etc.

The second paper of sociology optional revolves around the Indian society and its social structure including the caste system, population dynamics, political scenario, social movements, etc.

During the pandemic period, online classes have become the new normal. You may opt for sociology optional online classes and keep up with your preparation for the forthcoming UPSC examination. Enroll your name in the sociology test series UPSC for a better practice.

Things to keep in mind while selecting an optional subject for UPSC

1) An UPSC aspirant must be interested in the optional subject he is choosing.

2) Educational resources related to the subject must be available in abundance.

3) Never go for an optional subject just because most aspirants are selecting it.

4) Try selecting an optional subject that has a clear link with the general studies.

5) Never choose an optional subject just based on the suggestions of friends and relatives.

Tips for clearing UPSC examination

  • Buy the books recommended to you by professionals.
  • Keep writing as much as possible.
  • Make good use of your time.
  • Go through newspapers and magazines.
  • Read the interviews of the toppers.
  • Enroll in various mock test series for UPSC.


Select your optional subject wisely and stay focused on your goals to crack the UPSC examination in the first go.