One of the leading barbecue retailers in the UK, BBQs 2u is always in news for its passion for BBQs and outdoor cooking. They sell and stock Kamado Joe, Masterbuillt Gravity Series BBQ, Napoleon barbecues, and Ooni Pizza ovens along with all the accessories. Whether one likes to have gas or charcoal, BBQs 2u has everything to offer.

The range of MasterBuilt BBQs from BBQs 2u provides a unique experience of the charcoal grill for those who like cooking with an open flame or just want to have fun cooking outside. With the Gravity Series of different models like Gravity 560, Gravity 800, and Gravity 1500 series, people can smoke, grill, bake, sear, roast and so much more.

The Gravity Series by BBQs 2u is perfect for every user whether they are a first-time grill owner or a seasoned grill master, their grills have something for everyone. Not only it is easy to use, but users will have fun while mastering it and that is the way Gravity Series boast.

Masterbuilt is one of the largest American BBQ brands and they launched the first Gravity Series in 2020 which is a digitally controlled charcoal BBQ and smoker and proves innovation at its best. It is as efficient and clean as a gas barbecue with all the flavour and charisma that only charcoal can bring to a user’s outdoor cooking experience. Users can also experiment with different kinds of wood chips like mesquite and hickory for unique flavours.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that people love their charcoal grills so much. Masterbuilt Gravity BBQ is easy to use and maintain, produces less smoke than gas grills and they are quite affordable.

The fan can be controlled digitally which allows flexible airflow from the hopper to the cooking chamber and maintains a set temperature. So, the user can just set it and forget it. This makes the grill much easy to handle.

It can also hold up to 10 hours of fuel with a lump of charcoal that can be bought directly from BBQs 2u. This allows using the grill for longer and does not need quick refilling.

The Masterbuilt app takes the grilling experience to the next level. The app can be used for remotely monitoring and managing the grill from a smartphone or tablet. Internal temperature can be monitored, hot spots on the grill can be checked, and the fan’s speed can be controlled. Few other settings of the grill can also be controlled with just a few taps. There is also an alarm that sounds off when the grill reaches a certain temperature.

The reversible smoke, cast-iron grates, and smoking racks provide a huge cooking space so that users can smoke and sear at the same time. To grill and sear, the temperature is to be set at 370 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes or the smoker can be used for low and slow smoking for 10 minutes.

BBQs 2u are quite active in loading new recipes on their social media sites like Instagram. Users can go through their website for various BBQ blogs, recipes, BBQ products, tips and tricks, reviews, demos, and articles on the latest products from their stock and range.