If you think you have been discriminated against in your place of work, you may need to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. When you first meet with an employment discrimination lawyer near me, you will be asked some questions. Apart from discussing your claim, your attorney will also ask you to provide them with related documents. No matter the underlying act, you need to know how to prove employment discrimination is important when collecting on a claim. Here’s what your attorney will do to prove discrimination:

Getting Your Employee Profile

If you are filing a discrimination claim, your lawyer must come up with an idea of your employment record. For instance, they will wish to know if you had disciplinary warnings or received poor performance evaluations. They will include this information in your profile. Your attorney can get your personal profile from your employer for you. 

Reviewing Your Employee Handbook 

Your employee handbook contains an anti-discrimination or anti-harassment policy. Or perhaps your company’s anti-harassment or anti-discrimination policies are posted in common areas in the workplace. Your attorney will have to review this policy to determine if it has been followed. If this policy is not followed in your workplace, you may have a strong case. 

Checking Your Pay Records

Have you missed time off of work because of discrimination? If so, you must give your lawyer copies of your pay records. If you can successfully prove your claim, your lawyer can recover your lost wages as damages. Proving loss income requires showing proof of the difference between how much you make before the discrimination began and your earnings afterward. 

Getting Physical Evidence

You need to give your lawyer any physical evidence that you have been discriminated against on the job. This evidence can include inappropriate or vulgar photos. Also, if your boss denied you housing because of your membership to a protected class, you can use any written documents or information on the property for rent or sale as evidence. 

Reviewing Your Medical Records

If you have developed a medical condition like hypertension because of discrimination, your lawyer must know this detail. If you don’t have copies of your medical records, give your attorney names and contact information. 

Getting Witness Testimony

If someone witnessed the alleged incidences of workplace discrimination, your lawyer will want to get in touch with them to get statements. Thus, make sure you get names and contact information of any witnesses.