As a couple with duties and responsibilities, there is not always time for the romantic interludes you enjoyed during your courtship. That is why most couples have a date night. This could be once a week, or monthly, but what is important is that it is sacrosanct (barring an emergency, of course). You might have got into a rut, doing the same thing every date night (see ‘The Classic Date Night’ below) and starting to get bored with the routineness of it. If so, it is time to spice it up with some new ideas for date night.

Music Concerts

Everyone has their own taste in music. If there is a band you both love, be sure to get tickets for their next concert. Some of these may be open-air concerts where you can take a picnic basket and a bottle or two of wine. 

For Book Lovers

There are numerous bookstores and second-hand bookshops to choose from. This is a great way to spend an evening together for book lovers. And the magic continues the next day with being able to read your newly acquired reading matter. Have fun showing each other what you have found. End the date with a nightcap at your favourite pub or try a new one. Or, if you are hungry after hunting down some bargain books, stop off at a street-side café.

The Classic Date Night

The traditional date night has always included going out for a meal and following it up with a romantic movie. Couples will always rely on this when they don’t have time to plan something different and it is still a great way to spend time together as a couple. Ring the changes by alternating dressing up for a fancy night and slumming it in jeans and a tee. Also, vary the dining experience with Chinese, Italian, or curry from a place like Let each classic date have its own magic.

Camp Out on the Beach

Make a campfire on a beach that permits fires. Enjoy watching the waves roll in and out as you cuddle up together. Being outdoors is an effective way to drop all the tensions of the past week and to simply be in each other’s company. This is perfect for romance or chatting about your dreams.

Rock Climbing

If you are a fairly active couple, you might have felt the urge to try rock climbing. This sport has become so popular that there are venues all over. Afterwards, head for home with a bottle and some snacks to complete the night out. 

Wine Tasting

Start your date in the afternoon with a wine tasting. Plan ahead to use a taxi there and back so that you can enjoy getting tipsy. This is a great idea for a double date with close friends. Follow it up with a restaurant meal to replenish and sober up. 

These are a few ideas to get you started on planning more original date nights that you will remember long afterwards.