The jury is out on whether you really need more than ten steps in your skincare routine. Those who use the Korean regimen religiously will swear by the effects of each step, which makes it seem like you should have an extensive range of products Health Care or you’re not doing it right. But for others, a simple routine pretty much has the same effects.

Here’s how to determine whether your skincare needs more or fewer steps:

Take a look at your frequently purchased items

Before you can even think about the efficacy of each product you buy, you have to think about how well you commit to your system. Chances are, you might be gravitating towards certain items more than others. For instance, you may be buying more face mask online than nose strips, which means you prefer the instant brightening effects of the former rather than the concentrated effort of the latter. This should help you determine the items you consider essential in your skincare routine, and it will also help you gauge just how much time and effort you can commit to skincare. It’s perfectly fine if you only have a few minutes to spare for your skin, but make those few minutes count by creating a simple system made up of the items you already use religiously.

Consider your skin type

For a person with normal skin type and with no blemishes or uneven skin tone to worry about, it’s easy to take a beauty blogger’s recommended skincare routine and just follow it without changing anything. But this is rarely the case. One person might want to address their dry skin, another might want to remove their acne scars. Yet another person might be acne prone. Depending on these concerns, your skincare routine will change. Those who have acne-prone skin will want to go easy on heavy formulations, while those with oily or combination skin will want to stop using oil-based products or remove serums altogether.

Know your priorities

Everyone wants the perfect skin: one with no visible pores and no pimples, and that looks supple and healthy. However, regular people have problems that they want to address, and it can be expensive or harmful to the skin if you choose products that aim to address all problems at once. For instance, if dry and uneven skin tone is your problem, you’ll choose to focus on exfoliating, and then make sure that the products you use give back the moisture your skin loses afterward. Everything you use should consider this, so that they all benefit your skin without causing further harm.

Korean skincare tells us what the perfect skin looks like, and we all want to have that for ourselves. However, it’s not always an extensive routine that takes you there. For some, it’s a simple skincare routine, while others have skin that can handle the multiple products used every day. To get the perfect skin, understand what you have first, then work on enhancing it one step at a time.