You probably understand that fashion trends are changing from one opposite to another in a matter of months. After skinny sunglasses, things went in a completely different direction, which made oversized options famous.

Today, you can find oversized shield-style sunglasses that are becoming more and more trendy as time goes by. You can find Tom Ford Sunglasses that feature this shape, which is an important consideration to understand.

However, these trends are not something that happens once. Shield options must come with futuristic characteristics, which is something we can attribute to technological advancements.

You can find face-covering options in different celebrities, including Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez nowadays, which means that they have returned.

Some extreme options look like safety goggles, while others feature a more vintage appearance, which depends on numerous factors.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to get a futuristic style, mirrored lenses, or performance-inspired sunglasses because they can provide you additional protection against sun UV rays.

Simultaneously, they feature shield-style protection lenses that will cover your eyes and parts of your nose, which makes them highly convenient for people who expose their faces to the bright sun all day long.

You can find different brands and designers, including Channel and Louis Vuitton, that created specific shield frames that became highly popular among celebrities.

Both options can provide you with a bold but different appearance. Some of them come with amber and brown tones, which means that you can get a classic appeal like people from the seventies.

On the other hand, you can choose Channel’s reflective lenses that feature futuristic influences with a combination of sporty and performance-enhancing moments.

Of course, it is a variation to a classic shape, but you can choose a wide array of different options available on the market.

How to Wear Shield-Style Sunglasses?

If you wish to take advantage of this trend, you should find ways to embrace the futuristic and oversized perspectives that will provide you with attention-grabbing features.

Most of them are sci-fi inspired, which is why you can effortlessly pair them with your accessories and clothes. Some people prefer to wear them with casual and effortless appearance, while others choose more formal attires and perspectives.

You can take inspiration from Jennifer Lopez and her shield-style options like those used in the ‘70s. She combined perfect trends that are prominent nowadays, including shield-inspired frames, coloured lenses, and rimless design.

It is a perfect way to achieve a retro appearance. You can pair them with leather shorts, a suede belted jacket, and platform boots, among other things.

On the other hand, you can choose to follow Victoria Beckham that brought this trend to attention by using a completely different approach than Jennifer Lopez.

We are talking about oversized frames that feature dark frames and ombre lenses, which is also an excellent solution for your overall situation.

The best thing about this trend is that you can start with it without committing to a particular style and changing your entire wardrobe. You can combine them with almost any attire, which makes them perfect for your everyday appearance.