Your kitchen is a functional space, and no matter how frequently you intend to cook, you should have the essentials and staples in place. Some appliances are required for cooking and beverages, while others are more important for meal prep. If you check stores like home decor store, you will find all sorts of appliances, home improvement tools, and other related products. To make your shopping list easier, here are some must-have kitchen appliances. 

  1. Microwave oven. You definitely need a convection microwave in your kitchen. Even if you are a lazy cook, this comes in handy for heating your food when needed, and also to make a snack every now and then. If you have to choose between a baking oven and microwave, choose the latter. 
  2. Coffee maker. If you are a coffee person, you definitely need a coffee maker on your list. There are also sorts of options, including ones that make the best of gourmet coffees, so check for the models in detail. 
  3. Electric kettle. When you want hot water on the go, or need a quick cup of green tea, an electric kettle is a must have. Ensure that the product is big enough – at least with capacity of one liter 
  4. Deep fryer. For those many parties with your friends, you don’t want to order each time from a restaurant. Instead, get a deep fryer. Most of the better models will come with the basket, and you can have ready fries whenever you want. 
  5. Toaster. Breakfast is incomplete without toast. Make sure that you get a good toaster, one that allows you to toast at least four pieces of bread in one go, so that you can save time on a busy morning. 
  6. Blender. For smoothies, juices and everything in between, you have to rely on a blender. Make sure that you get a good blender that has many jars, so that you can actually make the most of the product. 
  7. Hand mixers. If you are baking enthusiast, you need a powerful hand blender in your stash. Make sure that you get one that’s meant for baking use and is simple enough to be used every day, but also has multiple settings. 

With all that in place, you can expect to go ahead and start shopping for your kitchen. These products wouldn’t be replaced anytime soon, so pick the best in categories that money can buy.