For the past several months, it has been an adjustment for everyone.

It is no secret that ever since the COVID-19 came to exist, many things have changed, from our work to our social lives. In short, a different reality poses for all of us.

Though can we adapt to these drastic changes?

Reality speaking, it is not that easy to face a new norm. That is why now more than ever, practising self-care matters the most. According to sociologistChristine Carter, PhD, from the Greater Good Science Center, taking care of ourselves is essential for our well-being.

Doing so does not make us selfish. Self-care can make us feel nourished since it allows us to find a new meaning in life. During this pandemic, that is all we need.

Sometimes taking care of ourselves by drinking a cup of detox tea from Singaporecan take away all of our anxiety and stress. As a result, despite the ups and downs of our new reality, hope is there with us. And that is what made us remain optimistic and share positive vibes with others.

Therefore, do yourself a favour and start practising self-care. If you have no idea how to do so, then read the rest of the article. Below are the things you can do to improve your well-being during these challenging times.

Be Active, Stay Active.

It has been more than a year since the work from home policy began. Since then, many people have had to work remotely at home. They have to spend hours in front of the computer without doing other movements apart from taking a couple of trips to the bathroom whenever they need to do so.

In other words, people working from home are less physically active than when they were doing their job at the office. As a result, they lose the muscles they have made in the past, and they gain more fats, which is not great for their health.

And the same goes for you, which is why you should move your body whenever you have a chance. Besides going for a walk, you should run or ride a bicycle if your neighbourhood does not have much crowd. Make sure to do any of these for at least thirty minutes to make your workout worthwhile.

But to help you further lose weight, you should consider drinking a cup of slimming coffee in Singapore before you exercise.

As stated in a study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, consuming enough caffeine would help the body lose more fats. Also, drinking this would give you more energy to stay active for a long time.

Get Enough Sleep.

Understandably, many people are having trouble sleeping with all the things going on. Yes, the Singapore Government successfully curved the cases of COVID-19, but the virus is still out there. No wonder why people feel uneasy to fall asleep since their loved ones are not that safe yet. 

However, one must sleep so their body nor immune system would not weaken. As reported by Forbes, lack of sleep can increase the chances of getting infected. Of course, you would not want that, so make sure to get enough sleep every day.

To help you fall asleep, try these things. They might help you get to sleep and go to bed early.

  • Reduce screen time, both watching TV or using smartphones.
  • Exercise the body during the day.
  • Never drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.
  • Get a warm bath two to three hours before bedtime.
  • Listen to relaxing songs.
  • Reading something like a hardbound novel.
  • Keep the lights off.
  • Try not to nap during the day.
  • Meditate for a while.

According to the Sleep Foundation, enough sleep means differently from one person to another. Therefore, to make sure you are getting enough sleep, read which age group you are in. There, you would know how many hours of sleep you need a day.

Eat Well.

Eating good food nourishes the body and enhances the immune system. As a result, anyone with this constitution is less likely to get infected. Therefore, eat a healthy diet and get enough nutrition. Doing so should help your body ward off COVID-19.

To make that happen, make sure you consume foods like leafy green vegetables, fruits, and even fresh herbs. As stated in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eating all of these now and then helps strengthen the immune system.

That is why you should do yourself a favour and try to mind and monitor what you eat every day. The same goes for the detox drinks you consume in Singapore. Doing so should help you take better care of your health.

Hug Someone.

A hug can make anyone feel better.

This phrase is no different than an apple a day keeps the doctor away. How so? Well, a new study finds that hugging others does more than a warm embrace. It stated there that hugging could give anyone the emotional support they need. And that applies to both parties hugging each other, which is why they feel better after giving a hug.

But is it okay to give a hug during this pandemic? Is it safe?

Even though giving a hug was off the table during the past year, you can do that now. Of course, only when you both live under the same roof or got fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, giving a hug to a stranger is still a big NO-NO. Therefore, try not to do that, no matter how excited you are about the news you received. Or you desperately need someone to lean on.

Skip the Scale.

Anyone will get stressed if they know how much weight they gain. That is why if you are someone who steps on the scale every morning, doing this routine could ruin your day. To prevent that, try to let go of this habit for a while. Doing so should help you not mind your weight and fats too much.

Of course, this matter is only applicable to some people and not to all. As stated in this meta-analysis, some feel more motivated to do their best in losing weight than getting discouraged.

Therefore, if you are the former, then you better skip stepping on the scale. Instead, enjoy your cup of detox tea from Singapore so your digestive system will improve. As such, your weight could not increase that much.

Practice Self-Talk.

Talking to yourself seems like a crazy thing to do, but admit it, you know yourself more than anyone else. Besides, talking to yourself is not a bad thing since it helps you in many ways.

To prove this claim, here is a study from APA PsycNet that discusses the importance of self-talk. If you read the abstract there, you would know that self-talk can help anyone face their problems head-on. That is why you should start practising this kind of self-care now.

To help you out, here are just a few that you need to do.

  • First, record yourself so you could listen to your talking later on.
  • Next, listen to yourself as you talk about things you hate or love.
  • Try challenging yourself by asking yourself what-if kinds of scenarios.
  • Change the way you talk. It helps, so you become more comfortable talking about things. Perhaps, try mimicking your favourite public figure.
  • If it is hard, take it slow and drink a cup of detox tea to calm yourself down.

Buy a New Outfit.

Even though we spend most of our time at home, wearing pyjamas is not okay. It may seem superficial to wear this while working from home or exercising, but what we wear can influence our self-confidence.

Therefore, even if you are not heading out for your body treatmentappointment or hanging with your friends in Singapore, you should dress well. Make sure the outfit you are about to wear is comfortable enough so you will feel good throughout the day.

Just in case you have no idea what you should wear, try this collection posted on CNA Lifestyle. There, you might find some fascinating and inspirational outfits to try on and add to your clothing cabinet.

Try Aromatherapy.

Have you ever thought about why you feel so good after going to a weight management clinic in Singapore? If yes, then you should know that is the calming effect of the scent you smelled.

Even though the claim sounds weird to believe, several studiesshow that aromatherapy benefits our minds. By smelling certain scents, our brains could think things clearly and make rational decisions as a result.

That is why when you are feeling stressed with all the news going around, pour a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser if you do not have time to go to an expert. Doing so should help you calm your nerves down and clear your mind.

If you have no idea which essential oil to use, check out the following suggestion.

  • Lavender. Relieve stress.
  • Sandalwood. Calm the nerves and help anyone to focus more.
  • Bergamot. Lowers stress levels and enhances skin condition.
  • Chamomile. Relax the body and improve mood.
  • Lemon. Aid headache and digestion.
  • Tea Tree. Boost the immune system and fight infections.
  • Eucalyptus. For decongestants.
  • Cedarwood. Reduce coughing.

Make sure to choose the right essential oils, depending on your needs. Note that picking the right one would help improve your wellness even more.

Book a Spa.

Are things getting on your nerves, and does everything feel too much? If yes, then get a complete body treatment done by an expert in Singapore.

With that, you would not have to worry about if you have enough ingredients in your pantry only to pamper yourself. Also, you would not have to clean anything afterwards, and that is great.

If you want to improve your wellness, you should go all out by booking a spa on your go-to. At least there, you can talk to someone else other than yourself and your family. As a result, you would be able to release the angst you are keeping inside your mind and heart.

And that is good for your well-being since you would not have to mind the judgement of others you do not know personally.

Join a Book Club.

Since the gathering is not yet encouraged to do so, you should join a book club virtually. There, you can discover and learn new things and share what you have in mind with others.

In other words, in this method, you could improve your wellness by discussing and talking to more people, vice versa. Also, you would be able to know what is the situation of others during the pandemic and their ways of coping up.

Just in case you have no idea where you should join a book club, try looking on the following platform.

  • Facebook group.
  • Good Reads
  • Reddit.

Make sure when you join one, you should keep your courtesy in check since others might get offended. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same belief and situation. Therefore, try to understand them as they do to you.

Be Smart Fostering Wellness!

Being able to practice self-care does not only do you good but also help other people around you. In a few things you do, you can inspire others to do the same thing, too! As a result, they would be able to improve their wellness. And the domino effect will go on and on until everyone does self-care in their daily lives.

But in case you are having trouble doing self-care, it is a good idea to visit a wellness centre in Singapore. There, the staff will teach you the ways on how you should take good care of yourself. By doing so, you would be able to improve your wellness and adapt to the new reality.

If you are interested, then book an appointment at Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management. Here, not only could you pamper yourself, but you also get quality detox drinks for your body in Singapore.