Before you start searching for a CCTV camera with free installation in Singapore, you need to think things through. For sure, as a business owner, you know very well that impulsive decisions do not do great. It often leads to a bad situation. Of course, you prefer not to let that happen. More so, when you want to increase the security measure of your business. So, before you buy a CCTV camera, be sure to weigh if the supplier is trustworthy.

Here, take a look at these six questions that can help you determine if they are the right CCTV supplier for your business in Singapore.

What questions must you ask a supplier when buying a CCTV Camera?

  1. Does your CCTV camera work with my current security system?

You have to ask this question since some CCTVs do not work well if there is an existing security system like alarm and intercom. So, make sure the supplier said yes, before getting a CCTV camera for your business in Singapore.

  1. Can you explain how the CCTV works? (Provide a scenario when asking this question)

Even though they said yes and it works, it would be a good idea to ask them to explain how. That way, you would know if what they are claiming is true. So, try to provide a scenario like this below.

Can the CCTV follow the person who is using the intercom when they visit my business? From this question, you would be able to conduct how their surveillance camera would work.

  1. Is it possible to add another equipment after the initial CCTV installation?

As you already know, things rarely stay the same. Many things change as time passes by, your family grows, and your business expands. When that happens, strengthening your security measure is a must. So, ask the supplier if you could still install another CCTV camera after a few years. If they nod, then lucky you since you would not have to replace everything.

  1. How much does the monthly maintenance cost?

For sure, you know that no matter how good the products are, it would eventually wear and tear as time passes. So, to guarantee that your CCTV camera would remain in good condition, you must know how much its maintenance would cost. Well, not unless you would want to do it by yourself.

However, just in case, you do not have much time to do it, it would be best to know the price. So, when you call an expert over, you know how much you need to pay them.

  1. Do you provide a warranty for each CCTV camera?

Of course, you have to know this one. You see, a warranty guarantees that the supplier would take responsibility if something has any defect. So, if they said yes, that means they will replace it with a new one. However, make sure you know when the warranty ends. That way, you can still use it within the timeframe.

  1. What features does your CCTV camera have?

Remember, not all surveillance cameras are the same. Some work differently than others. So, before buying anything, be sure you know what features it has. Knowing these details could help you determine if what you would be paying for is worth the price.

Listed below are the essentials features a CCTV camera should have

  • HD and wide-angle video

This feature allows the CCTV camera to capture the person more clearly. As a result, you could identify the face of anyone coming in and out of your business.

  • Face recognition

Aside from HD, some CCTV has facial recognition. This feature allows you to see who the person is. As a result, you can use this to note down which employees coming in late or often do not go to work.

  • Waterproof

Since Singapore rains 167 days a year, it would be a good idea to get this feature. That way, you know that yours would still work even after getting rained.

  • Day and night recording

Of course, so you would not miss a single intruder sabotaging your business. With this, you could monitor your business 24/7 without any problem.

  • Remote access and cloud backup

Having this allows you to save the recording videos in safer places. Plus, you can see the footage at any time on your smartphone. All you need to do is have internet access.

  • Microphone and speaker

These two allow you to hear what is happening in the footage that day. As a result, you would know the conversation that intruders are muttering when they intrude on your business. That would give you an idea of when they will come back or what they plan to do.

  • Motion sensors

Lastly, this feature would alert you in case something happens. It means you would be able to know right away if someone is intruding on your property.

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