The popularity of laminate flooring is increasing day-by-day. It is the best alternative to hardwood floors. People consider installing laminate flooring instead of hardwood because laminate flooring suits the lifestyle of every person. Laminate floors can provide beauty and timeless look to the floor. This flooring has diverse and many applications. If you want to give a gorgeous look to the floor at little cost then the laminate floor may be exactly what you need. Every flooring has its own class and specialty. But it does not mean it is perfect from every angle. Like other options of flooring, laminate flooring has some dark sides as well. So if you want to purchase you should have knowledge about its pros and cons which are as follows.


  • Different styles and colors

The laminate flooring offers endless styles and colors, which can be fit in any type of decor whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern. They are available in a variety of finishes as well that can satisfy the demand of customers.

  • Inexpensive and Cost-Effective

If you want to purchase inexpensive and cost-effective flooring then you can consider laminate flooring. The installation of laminate flooring is easy and if you love DIY projects then it is not a bad option for you. The cost of average laminate flooring is about your procket size. By doing installation process with your hands, you can decor your floor in low cost.

  • Eco-friendly Flooring

Where laminate flooring is less expensive, it is environmentally friendly as well. The HDF core is used in the manufacturing of this flooring, which can be recycled and reused.  You can uninstall laminate flooring and reinstall it to another room. It provides ease in the installation process.

  • Durability

The laminate floors are well-known all over the world because of their durability. Spending again and again on the floor can break the person emotionally. Because it is not easy for everyone to install the floor after some years. When you will spend on laminate flooring you will free from the hassle of future expenses. Laminate flooring with the top coating of aluminium oxide, is tough, hard and long-lasting with that it can be run for three decades in case of good maintenance. The minimum life of this flooring is 10 about years.

  • Moisture-resistant and Easy Maintenance

Laminate flooring is water-resistant and can be installed in basements and kitchens. The laminate floors are stain-resistant and do not need to be waxed so they require less care.

  • Non-Allergic and Hygienic

Those who suffer from allergy can also consider laminate flooring for their home. The laminate floors do not attract dust particles and they help in improving the health atmosphere of the living space.


  • Accidental Slips can Happen

If you have kids or pets in the home then laminate flooring can be dangerous because these floors are slippery and accidental falls can happen. If you still want to install it then never forget to place a rug or carpet on it.

  • It is Fake

Laminate flooring is not an ideal flooring for those who are looking to add the natural element in the home. Although, laminate flooring look like hardwood flooring, but it is not real.  It is unable to provide an authentic and natural feeling to the home. If you are ok with this fact then you can install laminate flooring.

  • Unable to Refinish

The laminate flooring consists of a single layer and does not offer to refinish. It is right that there is hardly any future expenses on this flooring, but when you will not refinish your floor, how you can improve the overall look of the floor. If you are looking for flooring which may look beautiful for a long time, you can consider other floorings.

  • Hard Surface

The laminate floor is very hard and does not provide softness to the feet. Laminate flooring is not the best option for those who want to install soft flooring in the home. A laminate floor has a hard structure and even with the foam underlayment, their hardness do not decrease as much.