Throughout summer, even if your home is one that gets especially warm, it can be easy to take for granted the experience of wearing whatever you want and feeling generally relaxed with the temperature. As the calendar flips back around to the months at the end of the year, though, you might have noticed that you’re oddly cold – and that uncomfortable memory of it being like this for the next six months suddenly sets in.

Fortunately, you’re not powerless in this situation, and there are multiple ways you can think about making this a far more comfortable winter than the last.

Overhaul Your Heating

This is probably the answer that is going to lead you to the most comfortable solution in regards to how warm you feel at home, but it might be one of the more disruptive to implement. Over time, you’ll certainly see the benefit of taking such a route, but before you get started, you might be overwhelmed by the amount that you have ahead of you before you reach that point. That being said, this could also be something of a misconception, and while there are certainly options that can produce more dramatic shifts in your home, there are also more straightforward paths to take. Perusing outlets such as can help you to understand the full breadth of options available to you, allowing you to make an informed decision from there as to where you go.

A Change in the Menu

Throughout summer, you might have found that you resorted to lighter meals that often felt more suitable to the weather you were experiencing at the time. For some people, that would mean more salads making an appearance or perhaps a lightly garnished fish dish. However, with the colder months rearing their head, you might decide to give yourself something to look forward to, potentially in the form of heartier meals that can keep you warm in the evening. 

Classic suggestions here are examples like stews, casseroles and pasta bakes, but you might find that your options are more varied than that. This is especially true if you also want to try your hand at baking, which could then lead you to sweet treats such as crumbles that fit the spirit of the final months of the calendar. 

The Cosy Factor

What can truly make a place feel homely – especially when it’s getting colder – is being welcomed home by the sight of an environment that just feels comfortable. This might mean dimmer lighting produced by lamps or fairy lights, the presence of blankets on your sofas in front of the TV, or anything else that you feel fits this definition for you. The opportunity to decorate your home differently can also help the change of seasons feel more exciting than depressing, as you’re doing something to visually differentiate it from the time that came before, keeping it fresh and alive. You could even go a step further by decorating it in the spirit of the various holidays that find their place among these months.