You might have watched an awesome live piano performance, so it inspired you to try playing the instrument as well. It might be tempting to buy a simple keyboard for practice since if you did a piano price comparison, it’s one of the most affordable. However, the keyboard is not always the best choice for beginners. You have to take into consideration different factors, so it’s confusing at first.

Don’t worry! In this article, you would be able to learn many ways on how to choose the right piano for beginners like you. Before we delve into the buying process, we will introduce first what are the benefits of learning the piano. Knowing how it may benefit you would motivate you more in learning it. There are fewer chances that the piano won’t end up getting dumped in the storeroom.  

Benefits of Learning the Piano

One of the greatest benefits of learning how to play the piano is that it helps improve your focus. It lengthens your attention span as you need to focus well on listening to a specific music piece. You could use this skill in both work and school! What’s more, you can easily focus on different things all at once as you learn how to multitask between listening to the notes, pressing the piano keys and pedalling the piano. 

Moreover, it’s easy to play because you would not experience any physical pain! However, it depends on the piano that you would buy. So, read to know how to choose the right piano for beginners. 

Types of Piano | Acoustic, Digital or Keyboard?

We will introduce the different types of piano first, so it would be easy for you, later on, to narrow down your options. It may be confusing and overwhelming at first as you have seen many pianos of different designs. However, there are only three basic types: 

  • Acoustic

If you have seen the piano prices in Singapore, the acoustic ones are one of the most expensive yet quality pianos in the market. This is considered the best for beginners if the student wants to experience the organic beauty of playing the piano. Once a person touches the keys, it would produce sound directly from the strings and wood. 

Although it is a lifetime investment, the problem with an acoustic piano is that it needs regular maintenance to ensure it won’t go out of tune. Nonetheless, it is still the best piano option for all types of piano players. 

  • Digital

Once you did a piano price comparison, you would notice that the digital pianos are more affordable. Moreover, its quality could be in par with the acoustic pianos. Not only do they imitate the sound of a real acoustic piano, but they also have weighted keys. 

What is also great about a digital piano is that it is more compact than an acoustic piano. Thus, it is best used for homeowners with small, limited spaces. What’s more, it is also a beginner-friendly type of piano. Remember that a student should learn from a quality digital piano than a broken acoustic piano. 

  • Keyboard

Last are electronic keyboards. Among all the piano prices in Singapore, they are the cheapest. You could start with an electric keyboard at first if you don’t have the budget yet, but it is recommended to upgrade later on to at least a digital piano. It is because the electronic keyboard doesn’t have the natural, weighted feel of the digital or acoustic piano. Moreover, the electronic keyboards have built-in mini synthesizers that change the natural sound of the piano. So, it would be difficult to transition to an acoustic piano if you got used to an electronic keyboard.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Your First Piano

  • Weight of the Keys

As you continue your piano lessons, you would eventually try playing all the different types of piano. So, if you do not want to have a difficult transition from one type of piano to another, you should choose to buy and play the acoustic or digital piano first. This is because both instruments have “weighted keys”. This means that the keys feel heavy whenever you press on them. Not only would it help strengthen your fingers, but it would also allow you to transition smoothly from a digital piano to an electronic keyboard. 

  • Piano Tuning

Next is piano tuning. This is most especially important if you decide to buy an acoustic piano. Even though it is the most expensive and has the greatest quality, it can easily go out of tune if you fail to regularly maintain it. Not only that, but it could also become out of tune if it is exposed in humid areas. You might need to hire some piano tuners for its maintenance, and this could cost you more money. Even though this is the case, the acoustic piano could not be beaten in terms of quality. 

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of piano tuning, then you may want to switch to a digital piano. Usually, it does not need any piano tuning as it doesn’t have any hammers and strings. 

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