In personal injury practice they help many people who have suffered whiplash injuries. Often after rear-end collisions rear-end collisions, but this does not always have to be the case. Whiplash can also develop after a frontal collision or other accident in which the head makes an unexpected rapid movement in relation to the trunk, which causes the neck to stretch excessively. In such cases the Auto accident Tacoma Washington is the best solution available.

Spinal Damage

As a result of a whiplash accident, damage can occur in the cervical spine, other neck structures, in the face and in the neck spinal cord and brain with brain stem. But usually these damages cannot be made visible by means of X-rays, scans or an MRI. They soon speak of complaints that are difficult to objectify.

Complaints Whiplash Injury

The complaints that occur after a whiplash accident are called whiplash syndrome. The most common complaints are pain in the neck, head, shoulders and back. Disturbances in concentration, fatigue, dizziness and forgetfulness are common. They also regularly see that a victim has difficulty processing external stimuli, such as loud noises or bright sunlight.

Legally Complex

The claim settlement in a whiplash accident with a Seattle car accident lawyer is complex because whiplash is a disease that is difficult to objectify. This makes it difficult to determine whether there is a causal relationship between the whiplash accident and the damage suffered, in other words: is the damage the result of the whiplash accident or are there other possible causes to designate?

General Complaints

Since many whiplash complaints are general in nature everyone has a headache or is sometimes tired, the insurer who is obliged to compensate the damage will often try to get out of it. Reference is then made to other causes pre-existing factors, such as accidents that happened in the past or mental and psychological problems that someone already experienced before the accident. It is then quickly asserted that the complaints have nothing to do with the accident, but are related to those other, non-accident factors.

Interest Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

It is very important that an experienced personal injury lawyer is involved in time for the smooth running of this discussion and thus the claims settlement. He can advise on how best to substantiate the complaints. The Personal injury attorney Spokane is the right person to consult in these cases. Because even if the complaints are difficult to objectify, as long as there is careful file formation showing a plausible complaint pattern, for which there is no other reasonable explanation than the accident, the insurer will still be obliged to compensate your damage.