Printed circuit boards or PCBs are a crucial component of each and every critical piece of equipment. You can consider PCB as the brain of the equipment. The electronic equipment may be performing a wide variety of functions, but it will still need a performance-driven and error-free PCB. PCBs not only have roles in large equipment, but they also have roles in very tiny equipment like smartwatches, smart thermometers et cetera. Therefore, PCBs must be operational in a non-defective manner. The need for humans for smaller devices has made the design of PBC very complex. The problem with large-scale manufacturing PCB without inspection is that the product may turn out to be faulty and may impede the functioning of the devices of which these PBCs are a part. Therefore, PBC manufacturers have steps put in to detect the manufacturing defects in the different stages of the manufacturing process itself.

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As previously mentioned, PCBs have crucial roles to play in a variety of electronic devices. Even if you get a smart thermometer, it will have a PCB inside. When you give a command to the thermometer to measure your temperature, the command passes through the PCB, and then the temperature is recorded. All the recorded temperatures are sent to your phone and stored in the app. If you want a consolidated chart of your temperature ranges over the last few months, this instruction will also be given by the PCB, following which the chart will be created and displayed. Therefore, PCB is vital to the functioning of smart thermometers as well.

Ways to look for PCB dysfunction:

There are many ways to check for PCB dysfunction. A few of these are

X-ray inspection

AXI or x-ray inspection allows the PCBs to be inspected for components, misalignment identification, soldering et cetera. X-rays are focused on the PBC. The PBC absorbs these x-rays and produces an image. This image is used to identify voids in solder joints, BGA solder defects et cetera

Automated optical inspection

This method scans the circuit by the use of high-definition cameras. The cameras take images of the circuit from many different angles. These images are put together and analyzed to find out defects like dimensional defects, stains, scratches, nodules, etc. AOI is also responsible for detecting skewed components.

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