Enterprises like yours need various brand assets to build an identity and help your customers get to know your company. In a business scene like Singapore’s, where brands compete to win the hearts of their target audiences, you will need different elements to make your company stand out from a sea of rivals. You will need a catchy brand name, an attention-grabbing logo, attractive packaging, and a compelling slogan or tagline to become one of the most successful firms in your field. But can custom company shirts help you strengthen your brand assets and help attract more customers?

Tee shirts are classic clothing pieces that almost everyone has in their closets. They are one of the most comfortable and versatile casual tops with various types, colours, and prints. During the 1950s, businesses printed brand logos, names, and characters on shirts—which inspired companies to do the same and use these articles of clothing to promote their brand, products, or services. Since then, company members have been rocking printed t shirts bearing different brand elements to build their business’ identity, strike awareness, and connect with their target market.

Decades after enterprises started using custom company shirts to flaunt and strengthen their brand assets and advertise their goods and solutions, corporate t shirt printing services in Singapore are still present and prevalent. Like business owners during the 50s, modern company heads use them to introduce their brands to the public. They also use these shirts to unite team members and help them see that they are all working together to achieve everyone’s success.

If you plan on getting custom company shirts, whether through same day t shirt printing services in Singapore or not,  know that you will need to think of the perfect design that encapsulates the message or story you want to tell through these clothing pieces. But how can you pick or create the ideal print for your corporate shirt, and how can you find a company to help you design and produce them? Scroll through to find out.


|. Tips For Designing A Custom Company Shirt

Designing custom company shirts can be tricky—especially if you do not have the artistic background necessary to create a print style or layout that will go onto these tops. However, thinking of a company shirt design is not impossible, and here are a few tips to help you make the perfect one:

A. Determine The Shirt’s Purpose

The best design for custom company shirts depends on their purpose. Will you use them as uniforms, or will you ask your employees to wear them to advertise your products or services? These questions will allow you to learn why you need corporate tees and understand what elements they should have to make them functional and aesthetically pleasing.

B. Understand Who Will Wear Them

Aside from its purpose, learn about the people who will wear your company shirts before asking a custom t shirt printing store in Singapore to make them. Doing so will help you learn about the shirts’ intended audience and understand the message the clothing piece should have to accomplish its purpose.

C. Learn About Your Brand

Before submitting a design to a custom t shirt printing company in Singapore, ensure that you know your brand from the inside and out. Doing so will help you learn what your shirt needs to help it amplify and represent your enterprise’s character and goals, allowing the clothing to work as intended.

D. Check Your Printing Choices

According to corporate t shirt printing experts in Singapore, business owners like you have more or less than ten print options. Among these choices, vinyl graphics, direct-to-garment, and screen printing are ideal types for custom company shirts. When choosing a print style, see which one suits your design, preferences, and needs to ensure you get the right one and prevent unnecessary expenses.

E. Pick A Shirt Type

Shirt types are part of corporate tee shirt designs. When heading to a custom t shirt printing company to hand your design over to their team, ask them about their shirt type options and see which one matches its purpose and style. Additionally, picking the right company shirt type will help you ensure that your employees or customers feel comfortable whenever they are wearing it.

F. Choose A Logo Location

All custom company shirts need logos to help them fulfil their many purposes. These emblems or symbols will remind your employees of the team they are part of, help your target market get to know your brand, and allow prospective customers to know where they can get the products and services listed on the shirt.


||. Tips For Finding A Company Shirt Printing Shop

After finalising a design for your custom company shirts, you can finally look for a corporate t shirt printing shop in Singapore that can make them. You and your team can attempt to make these clothing pieces at your office, but doing so may be more stressful and expensive than relying on the expertise of professionals who spent most of their lives printing shirts.

To help you find a custom t shirt printing company, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    1. Inquire About Their Turnaround Time
    2. Learn About Their Prices
    3. Check Their Size Range
    4. Ask For Sample Prints
    5. Consider Their Customer Service
    6. Understand Their Return Policy

|||. Get Custom Company Shirts Today!

Custom company shirts are arguably one of the most effective mediums for introducing the public to your brand asset and advertising everything you can offer them. Throughout history, countless businesses have reaped the benefits of having these clothing pieces and helped them reach their goals.

But if you want to experience the perks of having custom company shirts, you should learn how to make the perfect shirt design and look for a capable and reliable printing company that will make them. If you feel unsure about picking the ideal shirt print and finding a printing shop by yourself, you can refer to the easy-to-follow tips above.

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