Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a home that looks spacious and clutter-free? Imagine, every time you go home, you are met with such a peaceful, serene environment. It is enough to take your stress away from work. However, the reality of being a homeowner is different. It is difficult to achieve a clutter-free house as we tend to hoard things. We cannot seem to let go even the most useless stuff as it holds a sentimental value. You can remove the clutter if you have rented a storage space. Fortunately, there is another way to make your home cosy and clutter-free— you may employ a minimalist home design

What is Minimalist Home Design?

A home is a place of refuge. It is where you retire after a busy day at work. Thus, it must be inviting and comfortable enough to live in. But, with all the clutter and the mess, it is impossible to feel relaxed. It only adds to your stress! So, you may want to consider renovating your home and follow a minimalist design. In Singapore, this type of interior designis simple yet functional. It involves the use of furniture with simple lines to accentuate the architecture or structure of the home. With this kind of design, a house looks clutter-free. 

Since it focuses on functionality, every furniture chosen should be well-thought of. It should serve a purpose, and not used merely as a display in the house. So, you may need the help of an interior designer in Singaporeto achieve such a design. 

Why Choose Minimalist Design?

  • Achieve a “Zen” home environment. It means you get to live in a clutter-free home by using concealed cabinets, and other space-saving designs. 
  • It is one way you can save money during home renovations. You do not need to get to purchase lots of furniture and accessories to make your house look stylishly presentable. You only need a few accent pieces to liven up your space. 
  • A minimalist home design is something good for your mental health. You may be wondering how it can help boost your mental well-being. Simply because you get to live in a cosy place. Remember that our environment affects our mood. Thus, it is important to live in a comfortable, clutter-free space. 
  • Another advantage of using this kind of interior designis that it will now be easy for you to clean your house. Minimalism is based on the idea that everything should be simple and functional. Thus, there is fewer furniture and room for you to clean and maintain every day. 
  • Dust and allergens are less likely to gather if you have a minimalisthome. It would be beneficial for you if you are asthmatic or skin-sensitive to dust. 

Essential Elements of a Minimalist Home Design

Even though the concept of a minimalist home design is centredaround simplicity, the process is not simple. Thus, you should consider hiring an interior designer. They may help you draw out a plan on how to achieve such a design even if you only live in a small apartment. 

Before you hire anyone, make sure you keep in mind these essential minimalist interior designelements: 

  • Live with the Essentials

One way you can avoid clutter at home is to live only with what you need. You do not need excessive decorations to have a comfortable living setup. All the essentials are enough. Thus, a dining set, sofa, kitchen counter, console table, coffee table, and other essential furniture pieces are enough. You do not need more exquisite pieces to make a house inviting.  

  • Furniture with Clean Lines

As for the furniture choices, anything with clean lines and smooth surfaces is enough. Remember that minimalism is all about simplicity, so you should avoid adding elaborate pieces. 

  • Monochromatic Colour

One of the distinctive features of a minimalist home interior design is the use of monochromatic colours. Observe that most houses with the same design have white, cream, or grey colours. These colours make space look calm and serene. Plus, it creates an illusion of a spacious room.

Aside from the usual whites and creams, you may also use lighter colours monotonous colours such as peach. This is suitable for you if you want a more feminine style. 

  • Accent Pieces to Add Interest

In minimalist decorating style, space is related to objects and it defines the look. You can hang a colorful catchy abstract painting to create a focal point for your dull room. Although you can add bright colors, we recommend you to limit it to one or two colors to create visual balance. This will enhance the minimalist look.Explore the artwork and choose a beautiful artwork that is most suitable for your home! Create a unique look ,according to your wall appearance, you can customize art to match with your interior style, www.indianartzone.com  is the portal for you. On their website, you can choose the medium in which you want an oil, acrylic, or watercolor painting; you can also customize your painting size and a frame; and IndianArtZone will get to work on your order to deliver high quality hand painted artwork at your doorstep.

If the monochromatic colours may seem too dull for you, then you may add a bit of colour. Look for accent pieces that have interesting patterns and textures. This makes the space look more alive while keeping the minimalist look. 

  • A Hint of Nature

Potted plants and other natural adornments could make a home achieve a “zen” look. These are good choices if you do not want to add small knick-knacks as your accent pieces. Plus, having these plants in your house could help improve your mood. Remember that the presence of plants helps heal the mind and soul. 

To add a hint of nature at home, you may also use wooden furniture. Don’t worry, it will not ruin your minimalist home design as wood complements any type of interior design. 

  • More Natural Light

Since minimalism is all about making homes look spacious, the design is focused on allowing more natural light to stream in the house. With ample lighting, the rooms do not just appear spacious, but also serene. Besides, would it not be lovely to wake up every morning with the sun shining brightly against your window? The scene is quite peaceful and calming, don’t you think? 

Hire an Interior Designer in Singapore!

If the idea of a minimalist homeappeals to you, then you should hire one of the interior designersof Yallowbox! They can come up with different home interior design ideas that match the urban Singapore lifestyle.