Milk tea is one of the most famous drinks across Asia. You can easily findmilk tea stores in Singapore. Plus, you can conveniently buy milk tea online. Simple and easy! It shows how Singaporeans love to drink their milk teas any time of the day, season, or mood. It’s part of everyone’s daily routine. Some like to grab a bubble milk tea during lunchtime, while students like to drink fruit tea when studying for an exam. Indeed, milk teas have played an essential role in Asian society.

Drinking milk tea is also an ideal way to bond with your friends. It’s relaxing to chit chat with your friend in a milk tea store. You can treat your family members with milk tea during your birthdays. See, you can do so many things with a simple drink.

With this cultural impact, it would be best to learn how to find the perfect milk tea in Singapore for your taste preference. So, to find your next go-to drink, follow this guide for picking the milk tea best for your taste preference.

How to Find the Perfect Milk Tea

Anyone can fall in love with drinking milk tea. However, it doesn’t mean you would like every milk tea you’ll encounter. Just like human beings, milk tea comes in different flavours and toppings. And it would be better to find the milk tea that would fit your taste preferences. Milk teas vary in sweetness, toppings, sizes, and ingredients. So, better continue reading the article to find the perfect milk tea that can satisfy your cravings!


1) Consider the Tea

The main ingredient of milk tea is, of course, tea. The first thing you need to choose is the type of tea. There is black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, and the famous Matcha. Make sure to find a tea that will suit your taste as it can influence your drinking behaviour. The tea ingredient will also determine the overall taste.

For instance, if you want a sweeter taste, you can choose fruit tea from Singapore because of the fruit ingredient. On the other hand, you can choose black tea if you want a bitter taste.

You can also choose Matcha, a pulverized powder from leaves that taste earthy and bitter. Before you buy milk tea, don’t forget to ask about the tea ingredient, so you’ll expect what the taste of your drink will be, whether sweet, bitter, or moderate.

2) Next, Choose the Milk

Of course, milk tea wouldn’t be complete without milk. Like tea, milk varies from regular milk, Hokkaido milk, non-dairy milk, and soy milk! Milk has a significant influence on the taste of your milk tea. Therefore, choose the type of milk that would suit your taste and health condition.

If, for instance, you’re a vegan, you can request soy milk for your drinks. And, if you’re lactose intolerant, you can choose fruit tea sans the milk. There are many ways to tailor your drinks. All you have to do is look for the best mixture between milk and tea.

You can also choose milk based on its texture. If you want something creamy, choose Hokkaido milk tea or Thai milk tea. As you find the perfect mixture, for sure, you’ll love drinking milk tea every day!

3) Balanced Sweetness

After choosing the milk and tea, you should now pick the sweetness level you prefer. Some milk tea stores use syrup, honey, or brown sugar to add sweetness to the drink. They will also ask you about the level of sugar you want, from 25%,50%, 75%, and 100%. With these options, you’ll be able to find the sweetness your taste craves before ordering a fruit or bubble milk tea in Singapore.

If you want to choose the right sugar level, it’s better to consider the toppings and sinkers because they can add to the sweetness. If you drink milk tea that is too sweet, you may feel sick with too much sugar. Finally, remember to find the right sweetness balance to enjoy your drinks, and you may even discover a new favourite drink.

4) Choose Your Toppings or Sinkers

Of course, your milk tea will never be complete without the toppings and sinkers. It adds flavour and fun to your drinks because you have different choices. You can choose pearls, jellies, puddings, boba, etc. You can also ask for toppings like cocoa powder, tapioca, fruits, lychee and red beans. As you look for the right toppings, it can help you find the perfect taste for your preference. To help you, get to know more about milk tea toppings in this section:

  • Boba or pearls – These treats are chewy that come in different sizes, textures and flavours. Most people like to add tapioca pearls to their drinks because they want to chew while drinking. But, remember not to sit your drinks in the cold for too long because it will make the pearls hard.
  • Pudding – These toppings are creamy and gelatinous in texture. Unlike pearls, pudding is not chewy, and you can drink it along with the milk tea. It also adds a milky flavour to your drinks. So, before you order milk or bubble tea online in Singapore, be clear with your topping preferences to get the best taste.


  • Jellies – Jellies add unique flavours and textures to your milk tea. You can ask the milk tea store to add more jellies if you want to make your drinks more flavourful. Plus, it’s better to take a break from pearls or pudding from time to time.

5) Your Milk Tea Size

Finally, it’s essential to consider the milk tea size, whether small, medium, or large. Most stores will give you an option for the cup size. Pick a size that’s enough for you because it’s a waste to throw a milk tea if you can’t finish it. It also feels unsatisfying when you drink milk tea from a small cup, and still, you want more. Always choose the right size to satisfy your cravings when drinking milk tea, fruit tea, or bubble milk tea.

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