Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, in 1873, collaborated to create a durable working uniform that could withstand hard work. Levi and Jacob successfully created a masterpiece from denim and called it jeans. Today, Jeans aren’t just any ragged work wear, but a major versatile piece of clothing. 

The promotional status from work wear to celebrity red carpet wear was given to the fabric by Hollywood when western films started portraying jeans as a “Symbol of modernity.” Levi’s became the first brand to commercialize jeans in the fashion industry successfully. Today, there are various branded jeans for men. At outdoor equipped one can find Ariat, Lee, Silver jeans and Wrangler.

Fashion jeans – the perfect fit:

Often, most men find it challenging to choose the perfect jeans, i.e., the one that fits perfectly and goes with their personality as well as serves the purpose. For instance, sometimes, one might need stylish casual jeans that suit every t-shirt, just like men’s modern series straight leg jeans, or other times one might go for durability over style and will need a rougher and wild pair of jeans, like the ariat men’s m2 Grayson western jean.

To find the perfect pair of jeans, one needs to carefully choose the fit and cut that perfectly suits one’s body type and highlights individual style. Slim fit jeans tapper those heavier thighs to give an overall elongated and thin look to your legs. Wrangler men’s cowboy cut jeans are a perfect example of slim-fit jeans. Skinny fit stays adhered to one’s skin, whereas straight leg jeans are just the opposite with no or less tapering and are more suited for an athletic type body. Silver jeans men’s Grayson jeans would be perfect if one is looking for straight-leg jeans. 

Conclusion: Somewhere between straight cut and slim leg are the tapered jeans, which are casual wear like the wrangler men’s rugged wear classic fit jean. Outdoor-equipped makes sure that you get the perfect jeans irrespective of the occasion. Denim is never old-fashioned; they are excellent vintage.