To build a new skyscraper, you would need more than having a budget. Having the right person for the job would help your construction project run smoothly. A reliable M&E company in Singapore could make a dream come true and make it into reality. You see, there are professionals out there who could understand the needs of your company. They could deliver seamless results for your construction project. For sure, your employees and clients would be glad too, if you find the right one for your business. Here, take a look at these nine questions that you can use to weigh if they are the right company for you and your business.

What questions should you ask your potential M&E company?

1.   Has your company successfully worked in the same industry as ours?

Asking about your M&E consultants’ previous work in Singaporecan give you a better insight into their qualifications. You would be able to know what they can do for you once they handle your construction projects. Moreover, this question is a good conversation starter to get to know who they are.

2.   How flexible is your working process? Can you accommodate changes?

Changes could happen all the time, especially in the construction industry. So, make sure their facilities management in Singapore can handle that. That way, you would know if they could accommodate changes that your client requested to make for their skyscrapers. In this case, they should be able to provide some options on what to do next.

3.   What type of software do you use in a project?

Similar to IT professionals, M&E consultants also use various software tools. Each has different uses, and it influences their construction project. So, make sure you know what they are. You could also request an explanation of how it helps in a construction project in case you are not familiar with it.

4.   What kind of engineering degree do your employees have? What is their year of experience?

Even though the M&E company has years of experience, that does not mean their employees have the same experience. Be sure to find out what kind of engineering degree their employees have and how long have they been working in this industry. If they answer more than a decade or the same as the M&E company, then for sure they know how to help you build a skyscraper. If you can, request CVs of their employees. It will help you determine what they can for you, or are they skilled enough to help you.

5.   Can you explain your billing cycle in detail?

You think it is early to know this information, but it is better to be early than never. That way, you would know how often you can send customer invoices during the project. Or how much penalty fee you have to pay when you send the payment on the later due date. Any good M&E company can provide you with these details as early as now. Doing so would help you handle your finances and budget even better.

6.   Do you assign who to contact in case something goes wrong?

In most firms, as big as an M&E company that handles a data centre in Singapore often assigns a person a point of contact. They are the ones who take care of things in case something happens. They act as a representative between you and the company. That way, you can sort things out and proceed with the project.

So, if they said yes, be sure to get their contact details. It would help to contact them right away and even get an update on what is going on.

7.   How often should I expect communication from you?

Since a construction project takes a lot of time to finish, you will need to know what is going on. Make sure to get an update from time to time. That way, you can monitor the progress of what is happening, if something went wrong. To do that, an M&E company should be able to contact you on a specific day of the week. As a business owner dealing with them, you have every right to communicate during the entire process.

8.   Are there clients that you work with often?

Clients who often hire them are the ones who can tell how efficient they work. It means that they trust their skills and experience to take over their project and complete it. Once you find out who they are, be sure to reach out to them. That is better than reading their reviews since you can ask specific concerns on what you want to know.

9.   Do you provide reports once the project is over?

Lastly, even though the construction project is already over and completed, they should give you a report on what happened. That way, you can tell what they did and how they manage your budget well.

Remember these questions so you would know better what to ask when you hire an M&E company in Singapore. It will help you weigh if they are the right fit for you and your business. Also, you could gain some topics to discuss with your engineers on what you can do next.

Do you still have more questions about an M&E company in Singapore?

Hopefully, this article would help you find the right M&E companyfor your business in Singapore. Also, to know what you can expect once you hire them. However, if you have specific concerns, do not try to keep it all bottled up. It would be better to directly ask the M&E consultants rather than searching for answers on the Internet. Well, to give you a hand, call Acme Associates. They are an M&E company that is always here ready to answer their client concerns. So, do not hesitate to drop off your inquiry through their website.