The enjoyment of food goes beyond the mixture of flavourful elements because it is also a social phenomenon for some people. One person might associate Tingkat service in Singapore with their love for home-cooked meals, while the other remembers a particular life event when they think of mini catering.

Regardless of who you are or how you like enjoying culinary creations, explore this article to learn about the mistakes you should avoid making when hiring a mini and Tingkat catering company in Singapore.


One cannot enumerate the plethora of culinary styles, food products, and spices on one piece of paper because there are just many! All joking aside, most people are guilty of not exploring the menu when they prepare for a lunar 7th month for the holidays or mini cateringservices for small events. They often skim through the paperwork or PDF file without understanding the best options for them.


What you want to do is, first, read what the mini or large-scale cateringcompany gives you. Look at what they are offering, and pick something that appeals most to you. It can be a favourite meal or something that matches the nature of the event. (Tip: Ask the company if they have special orders because offering them might be possible.)


Your family might have cultural practices when hiring a lunar 7th month catering service or any rule they follow during this holiday. Some people overlook this and order whatever they want or take the easiest route to save time and energy. Having the wrong menu for an event is something you do not want to happen. Imagine preparing finger foods when people are looking for full meals and other delectable offerings. No one wants that.

Ask yourself: What is the event? Is it a large or intimate gathering? Does it go well with mini catering orders, or a Tingkat serviceis already enough? These questions help you narrow down choices and examine the event itself. (Tip: You can always ask the catering company for suggestions because they know what service to provide for customers!)




Approximate counts are fine when you order a Tingkat or mini catering service, given that everything is enough for your guests. But sadly, most people get this wrong, and they usually make the mistake of finalising the wrong number of guests. For instance, they underestimated it during the event planning by saying less than 100, but on the day of the wedding, more and more people came and exceeded the count. There is a shortage, and not everyone would like it.

There are many solutions to avoid shortages and finalising the wrong guest count. First, you can order more than one serving for each person. You can ask the mini catering and Tingkat servicecompany to prepare for around 100 when there are only 50 to 75 people. Second, you can provide an approximation, and it does not matter if the range is large or small.


Ordering on short notice is perfectly okay for a Tingkat service in Singapore that does not require too much work on the company’s end. However, for people arranging a lunar 7th month catering or any extravagant social event, it is better to order earlier than usual to make room for revisions and emergencies. The problem is that some customers forget this unwritten rule, and it often gives them consequences.

It does not matter if you consulted with a mini and event catering company in Singapore weeks or even months prior. They would even appreciate it because it gives them time for planning and other related matters. Also, you can always give them updates if you need to change some things, and it would not be bothersome because there is still time left.


People have dietary restrictions due to cultural and religious traditions. In Singapore, a chunk of the population practises the Muslim faith, but some people who hire a minicatering company in Singapore disregard the importance of being friendly towards their dietary restrictions. They often forget to prepare Halal meals or anything related to their religion. Another is the lack of indication of whether a particular food product adheres to their standards.

Asking your guests is one solution to this problem. You can require everyone to answer a survey form about food allergies and religious restrictions before finalising with the mini and Tingkat catering company. Dedicating at least half of the entire menu is also a great choice if you do not have the time to ask all of your guests.


The delivery time of your mini or lunar 7th month catering in Singapore is crucial because everything should be fresh and delectable during the event. Another is their shelf life because you would not want to experience spoilage and other issues with the food. The problem is that most people tend to get the delivery time wrong, or the food arrives earlier and later than usual.

Take a look at your program flow or event schedule. If meal time is at 7 PM after the opening remarks or speech of the CEO, make sure the food is fresh and hot during that period. Tell the mini and event cateringcompany to cover them unless asked or keep everything fresh in transit. (Tip: Be careful with giving time and date details to the company and make sure it suits your needs.)




The advantage of preventing these problems when hiring a mini and event catering company in Singapore is you can enjoy flavourful means on your social table without worrying about things. Another would be appreciating the memory of your significant life event because they already took care of everything, and you did your part as a responsible customer.

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