Most of us think that there is no difference between auto body repair and auto repair. The two terms are often confused by most people. But when you have a conversation with a professional you will know that there is a big difference between auto body repair and auto repair. This article will give you clarity of these two terms that are often confused among the public.

  • Auto Body Repair

Auto Body repair usually refers to the body of your car or vehicle that includes windshield, frame, roof, windows, bumpers, doors, fenders, trunk, hood, etc. In short, when you have any issues with the external part of your car you might have to take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repair work.

  • Auto Repair

Auto repair work generally refers to electrical and mechanical works. For instance, car owners usually take their vehicle to an auto repair workshop to change the oil, repair the transmission that is busted, and fix the damaged tail light. They will fix any kind of dents in your vehicle. In short, an auto repair workshop deals with anything that involves the interior part of the vehicle.

Vehicles usually after an accident are first taken to an auto body repair shop than an auto repair shop because the exterior parts of the vehicles are to be repaired first before proceeding with the internal damage. An auto body repair shop can fix both the external and internal damage. Therefore, people usually prefer to take their vehicle to an auto body repair shop.

When people find that their car has met with a collision, they usually take it to a collision repair shop to get the work done. Auto body workshops help their customers in more than just treating exterior damage. They also focus on the mechanical side of the vehicle which plays a vital role in the functioning of a car.

It is better to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop to repair both internal and external damages.