Learning idnplay poker is the first essential step before you jump on the tables of online poker rooms, and that’s good. We have over 40 courses of all levels, accessible to all and allowing you to progress efficiently and for free.

Quick access to lessons according to your level

Learning to play poker is within the reach of everyone but still requires a little time and personal investment. There is progress by following our guide and our logical steps.

The different detailed courses

Want to understand what you will find in each tutorial? Here are the descriptions of each.

Stage 1 lessons

What is poker?

If you don’t know anything about it yet, this is probably the page where you should start to find out what poker is in general, particularly the variant of Texas Holdem.

The rules of poker

If you do not know them, this is where your learning begins because it is an essential step, and it is the minimum to be able to play, even for free on our game, and all the more so if you want to bet real money.

Card combinations

Do you know the card combinations (or poker hands) and their order of strength? From the pair to the royal flush, we explain everything to you. Learn or print to have it close to you when you play.

Poker Lexicon

The definitions of the terms are used because it would be a shame not to understand anything and for others to see that you are a beginner and therefore try to pluck you.

Poker tournaments

Tournaments are often where new players start to learn poker, especially with free tournaments like Freerolls. Let’s see the specifics of this type of game.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go are, in fact, mini-tournaments that are played with a predefined number of players (often 10, sometimes less), and the game starts as soon as the expected number of players is reached.

The Cash Game

The cash game is probably the very essence of poker. Here you lose or win real money with each hand played, which is why this structure is rather not recommended for beginners.

Omaha poker

A variant of hold’em with 4 hole cards instead of 2, in which we also distinguish Omaha Hi / Lo, a variation in which we can win with the highest hand or with the lowest.

Stud Poker

A variant totally different from the previous ones and just as exciting, although not very widespread and not played in French rooms for lack of legislation.

Stage 2 lessons

Cheating at Poker

Fantasy or Reality? Cheating is a subject that comes up often among beginner players, who want to protect themselves from it most often, but who also sometimes want to know how to abuse it.

The best hands to play

Not all hands are created equal, and it is important to know how to recognize which ones are really worth playing. Here are some tips to help you do this and do it right.