Are you still having second thoughts about moving into Tengah, a Housing Development Board or HDB newtown in Singapore? You can never blame yourself since it’s indeed challenging to have a fresh living start nowadays. Make it more difficult if you’re doubtful about your decision to relocate into one of the most sought-after estates in the region because you’re clueless.

Always start by speaking with your household about your plans to get a unit in the new smart town. Share with them your reasons why choose this newly built estate over other properties around your area. You may even be surprised that they also desired to acquire a flat from them due to their popularity among homeowners today.

It is also advisable to consult some of your peers that are already living in Tengah. Ask about Singapore housing regulations and HDB requirements you need to work on to get your unit. Best if you also request them for some tips on how you can speed up the entire relocation process to live in the community in no time!

Never forget your online resources to learn more about HDB and its new eco-friendly town. You can search for review sites, blog pages, and digital community forums that share details about advancement in this estate loved by many. You should also visit their website to get more information about things you should expect once you decide to relocate soon.

Better yet, look for logical arguments why you should also own a place in Tengah and be part of this HDB new smart town in Singapore. You may already have some, but are they enough to justify your decision to relocate now? Choose to continue reading through this article to get more reasons to live in this recently established advanced estate today.


“More” Reasons to Live in a Smart Town

It has been a rule of thumb to have enough reasons on hand before you make any life-changing decision anytime soon. The same practice applies to your plans to move into Tengah, an HDB new town in Singapore. Here are some of them that will justify “more” your decision to relocate into one of these newly established estates nowadays:

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More Eco-Friendly

Begin with the most reasonable argument why you should choose to live in this new town – they’re more sustainable than other properties in the region. They currently promote eco-friendly living among their residents through accessible greeneries within. They even have amenities that encourage everyone to go out of their home and enjoy nature at its best.

It doesn’t end there since Tengah is also partnering with Singaporeorganisations and HDB to develop more eco-solutions for the entire community. These include improvements on their current landscape to turn more of their areas into environment-friendly facilities. You may even be surprised to know that they already have a walkable forest inside their property!

More Savings

New smart town developments also use technologies and innovations to support their call for everyone to practice eco-friendly living in their estate. These include solar-powered amenities, state-of-the-art driving options, and efficient watering systems that collect rainwater for your quick usage. They also have applications that guide their residents to always choose sustainable solutions.

Apart from environmental protection, you also get to save more from your expenses through these innovative technologies. You no longer need to worry about spending more on your electricity, fuel, and water if you’re already living in Tengah. They also partner with Singaporeorganisations and HDB on these developments for your guaranteed returns.

More Functional

There’s no doubt that everyone living in this new eco-friendly townbecomes functional with all these exciting offers in store for them. You get to do your daily activities without worrying about your expenses or if they will cause damaging effects on the environment. You also have the freedom to live the way you like through the convenience they provide to their residents.

They also get their residents up and running through relationship-building activities they facilitate within their unique in-town districts. These include their brick land, garden, forest hill, park, and Tengah plantation district that allows you to do community farming along with other residents. Use such opportunities to interact with other people living their lives smartly.

More Accessible

Another logical reason to live in this new smart town is its proximity to the rest of the region. Get to visit recreational hubs, shopping malls, and public parks of other properties within several minutes! You may even experience the ease of travelling across different communities and cities through their dedicated MRT lines!

They also continuously develop other amenities within the estate for easy access. These include market centres, sports arenas, and medical facilities essential for everyone living in Tengah. HDB also assures their new town in Singapore can accommodate all necessities of their residents without the need to leave their communities.

More Comfortable

Nonetheless, only have a more comfortable living experience when you choose to relocate to the new Singapore towntoday. Enjoy the benefits of having a more sustainable lifestyle that saves the environment while getting more savings you never expect in the first place. You also get to appreciate it more once you find out its other exciting offers that await you.

But do you know these community features that Tengah Singapore HDB homeowners take pride in today? You can again do your research to discover the different amenities they have in store for you. Better yet, do it hassle-free and choose to continue reading through to learn more about what you should expect on your brand-new home soon!


Exciting Features to Watch Out for in SG Modern City

As mentioned, Tengah in Singapore is the latest HDBestate that promotes eco-friendlier options for homeowners today. They also offer innovative solutions to guarantee your more sustainable living condition without leaving the central business district. Here are some of those features you need to watch out for as soon as you decide to stay within the green city:


“In-town” Forest

It may surprise you at first, but the new town is also known as the first nature-centric community in the region. It will not only provide homes to its residents, but it will also house an “in-town” forest that will stretch along with the entire city. You will also get access to other greeneries of different communities through your exclusive indoor woodlands.

Tengah, along with HDB,also promotes this new town in Singaporeamong the outdoorsy population. These include people enjoying outside activities like trekking and trail running you can also do along their indoor forest. You also get to pursue your passion for gardening through their community farms that allow you to grow, harvest, and consume your crops.

Must-Take Offer! Thisnew smart towndoesn’t settle with one-time nature conservation activities. They constantly use renewable energy solutions like solar-powered cooling systems to ensure their efforts of a greener community will last long. You are also guaranteed a more comfortable living condition without worrying much about the dues you need to pay regularly.

Smart Technologies

They also use various innovations and technologies to assure their residents that they made a valuable investment with Tengah in Singapore. HDB incorporates modern smart solutions that also promote eco-friendly living in the estate. These include automation systems, modernised machines, and user-friendly applications that provide you with several options to preserve the environment.

One of the most promising features of this new townis its efficient waste management system. You no longer need to bother anyone taking the trash out since you can do it comfortably through a dedicated piping network built underground. It also converts your scraps into usable energy to power some facilities and amenities within the estate.

Must-Take Offer! They also use an AI-powered application that allows residents to track their energy consumption while staying in any Tengah community like the plantation district. It also shares power-saving tips and shopping guides that recommend efficient appliances perfect for your smart home. You may never know; you might get more than what you initially wanted.

Friendlier Roads

This new Singapore town also encourages their residents to explore other modes of transportations like cycling or walking due to their pedestrian-friendly roads. Get to enjoy the convenience to stroll around your community when vehicles are travelling beneath you! You also get to secure yourself from any unforeseen traffic incidents since you no longer need to walk across street crossings.

These underground thoroughfares also open more opportunities for you to explore other activities you can do while staying in Tengah. Besides, HDB develops this new town in Singaporefor residents to enjoy the outdoors worry-free. You can now jog or bike around your community away from any danger with their innovative road developments in place today.

Must-Take Offer! But what if you’re fond of driving but still want to protect the environment? You can try using electric vehicles that the new SG towncan also cater to through their accessible EV-charging hubs. You can find them in parking lots and public centres that you can conveniently use while doing some of your errands.

Natural Amenities

Apart from these innovations, Tengah Singapore and HDB also use readily available natural resources to promote earth-friendly living within their communities. These include amenities that will motivate their residents to go out and be one with nature. They also have recreational areas where you can do outdoor activities with your household or neighbours.

They also house several districts that cater to different outdoor facilities you can do while staying in Tengah. One of these is the plantation districtthat allows you to grow crops near your home. It also has farm-to-table restaurants and a community market where you can buy fresh goods harvested from the in-town plantations.

Must-Take Offer! Check digital display boards found in the building lobbies of this new townto learn more about what other facilities you can explore within your community. They also give updates on the latest energy consumption of your entire block for your quick reference. Use them to improve your living conditions further and promote sustainability in your neighbourhood.

Easy Accessibility

More than anything else, Tengah and HDB promise residents of their new town in Singapore overall convenience once they choose to live with them. You no longer need to bother visiting other areas since you can find everything you need within. You might even get more offers that you don’t usually see from nearby communities.

But you can still visit other parts of the region since this new SG town is accessible through main roadways and transport lines. You can travel via car, bus, and even your bicycle along their people-friendly thoroughfares. You also have the option to take the MRT now that the nearest stations are only a few minutes away from your home.

Must-Take Offer! You may not look for other offers anymore since all the abovementioned ones are more than enough for you to secure a Tengah home in Singapore. You can contact HDBnow to learn more about how you can get your hands on your brand-new smart property soon. You may never know; you’re only days away from owning one today.


Smart Relocation Tips You Can Use Today

Are you now ready to be a TengahHDB resident in their new town in Singapore? You can proceed with it anytime if you already have enough reasons and know more details about this latest modern community today. Make your transfer more worthwhile if you consider the following tips while working on your relocation soon:

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  • Determine the belongings you may bring along with you once you move into your new Tengah home. You can do your research on the different appliances and furnishings that suit their existing eco-friendly solutions. Besides, you may not be required to carry much as they already covered them for you!
  • Try visiting its actual site to see its offered facilities and amenities firsthand. You can also request a quick Tengah trip to their plantation and other district communities for your reference. They may have developments in the estate that might entice you to secure your future home with them in an instant.
  • Most importantly, contact reputable partners of the new Tengah town like SP Home Pte Ltd to get the latest updates and news about this renowned smart city today. They also offer guided tours around the estate for their residents soon!

Check their website now to learn more about how you can schedule a visit to a Tengah, Singapore HDBunit today!